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Rider Updates

Dec 15 2019

Well I cannot seem to stop growing so we are off of the super mini's and I just got a new Husky TC 125 for Christmas. Cannot wait to practice practice practice and then tackle the road to Mammoth 2020. This is going to be a great racing season. Thank you for all of the support and Happy Holidays to all of my supporters.

Oct 22 2019

I got a new 2019 Husky supermini and raced Mammoth and now racing locally in Super mini classes and occasionally the 85 Novice class. I won my last novice race last month, going 1-1 and want to move up to Intermediate but I am back in soccer so it is going to be difficult to race in the higher division. I am also moving up to the 125 class soon so my dad and I are going to see how everything works out and how much practice and racing I can do over the next few months and see where we fit in. Having a blast on my dirt bike, and thankful for all my sponsors whom help us out! Bring on racing season 2020 and whatever the future holds!

Aug 16 2018

I finally did it! I got my first 1-1 moto sweep last weekend at the REP Saturday night Arenacross Series! I got decent starts and used what I have learned over the past couple of months to make passes and use my strengths to take the win in both motos! It was a blast and I look forward to more wins and then moving up to the Novice class to battle stiffer competition. Thanks to all of my sponsors for the support and for my parents for getting me to the races, maintaining my bike and for CP Race Team for the support.

Jul 7 2018

Raced the REP Racing Riverfront MX series last Saturday night and had a blast! I can't seem to get a start, but I am coming through the pack really well which is a lot of fun. I ended up catching the lead pack each moto and ended up 4th overall. My dad and I are going to find a way to practice starts more effectively and also just keep trying to get more gate drops in, which means more racing!! Braaaapp!!

Thank you to all my sponsors for helping me and allowing me to have a great summer racing MOTO!


May 21 2018

Got to race hangtown amateur day! So awesome to ride the national track and get to compete in such an amazing event! We had a blast despite a spill in Moto 2, ended up 7th overall ok the day. Keep chRging and enjoyed every second of it. 

May 2 2018

Finally got behind the gate again at the MMX Amateur shootout! So fun! All the practice is paying off as I got 3rd overall and was in the battle for the win with 1st and 2nd in the 2nd moto. So great to be back at the track #motolife

Apr 22 2018

Went out to the Diablo MX mini dash for cash race and got 4th! 2nd race under my belt this season and I am in top 5 in both!

Apr 8 2018

My first two races this season have been rescheduled due to weather so I am still practicing and getting ready. Weather forecast looks good for the first race next Saturday at MMX. Can't wait...BRAAAAAAP!!

Mar 1 2018

I also changed my moto number to 21. Not because of Jason Anderson but because my soccer and basketball number is 21. Now I have the same number for all of my favorite sports. Braaaap!!

Feb 27 2018

Dad just got me a 2018 Husky TC85 Big Wheel! It is super sick and I cannot wait to race it in the Amateur Shootout here in Norcal in March and April 2018! I also have changed my racing number to match my basketball and soccer number, 21! It just so happens to be Jason Anderson's number too! LOL

Jan 2 2018

Raced a marathon over the Holidays and got 1st place! it feels great to ride again and I also got some new sick gear and goggles from Ansr racing and SPYOPTICS for Xmas so I am looking sick! Looking forward to my next race in a couple of weeks, thanks for all of you supporters!

Oct 23 2017

Got a great day of practice in at Riverfront MX yesterday. It was really fun riding with my dad who used to race and doesn't get to ride much anymore.

I am looking forward to my next race and putting it on the podium for my sponsors. Thanks to all of you sponsors who have accepted my recent requests (SPY, Answer, Pro Circuit, OGIO) to renew my sponsorships! It helps a lot with keeping me out on the track!

Oct 7 2017

Riding well in between soccer tournaments. Getting some good results at local races and representing my sponsors on and off the track. I also started riding a 250F a little bit, which is so fast! Braaaapp

Sep 1 2017

Getting ready to race the winter series! Looking forward to getting after it again! 

Oct 30 2016

Practiced at Dixon last weekend and Club Moto this weekend. Getting my groove back. Braaappp!

Oct 3 2016

Getting some time off from soccer this weekend so we are going to MOTO!! Braaaaappp

Sep 12 2016

Been practicing alot! I have ridden 3 times in the last 8 days! I am having so much fun again on my KX85! Looking forward to the next race series to get some good results. Thank you to all of my sponsors for supporting me!

Jun 1 2016

Had a couple of falls at the last race. Track was really rough and I need to practice on rougher tracks to get faster. On to the next race, dad and I are having a lot of fun.

May 9 2016

Awesome day of riding with dad yesterday at MMX Sand Track. I love riding in the sand, braaapppppp! Looking forward to racing next weekend at Riverfront MX!

Dec 28 2015

Santa brought me a new Kawi 85 for Xmas and I rode Saturday and Sunday! I love it! Braaaaap!!

Nov 23 2015

Getting an 85 soon (hopefully for xmas!), ready to hit the track! No sports from January through August, 2016!

Mar 9 2015

I have one soccer tournament left in the bay area this coming weekend and then it is MOTO for the next 2-3 months while I take a break from all sports! So excited and ready to rail some ruts, catch some air- big doubles no troubles! Thanks again to all my sponsors for being there to help once I am back on the bike. My dad has my 65 looking and running tight and were ready to go!

Feb 16 2015

Finally went riding yesterday!! I haven't ridden since August and I had a blast! Argyll MX was perfect and I had a lot of fun. Hoping to go again soon, I have just 3 weeks left of soccer. Thanks to all of my sponsors for hanging in there with me.

Jan 8 2015

I had my first game of competitive soccer at an awesome indoor soccer arena in Sacramento and I was the lead scorer for my team! My school's Basketball team is doing great too and we are now 7-1 for the season. We play the 1st placed ranked team who is undefeated next weekend so it is going to be a fun game. I am the starting point guard this season and one of my best friends was selected as Team Captain.

I am having so much fun because I have at least one practice every day of the week and games every weekend! It has been tough but I am keeping my grades up and I had a really good report card. I am still planning on getting back to riding and racing in the Spring as soon as Soccer and Basketball are over. Thanks to all my sponsors for sticking with me while I do other sports and activities!

Cole #50


Dec 19 2014

I tried out for a competitive soccer team for University of the Pacific and I made the team! So, the KTM will be parked a bit longer. My dad says he is going to take me riding soon so I don't get too rusty. We plan on skipping baseball this spring and focusing on moto! Thanks to all of my sponsors for sticking by me while I compete in other sports.

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