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Personal History

I am a normal 14 year old boy who loves sports, hanging out with friends and Motocross! I stay busy with a competitive travel soccer team most of the year and also basketball for my school. I am a center midfielder on my Soccer team and I play guard for my 8th  grade Basketball team. So far our new soccer team is doing well, especially in State Cup and we are now back to practicing basketball for my school team for this coming season which starts in late November.

I try to squeeze motocross in as much as possible and I finished my first year of racing back in December, 2013.  My Dad says as long as I keep my grades up, I keep a positive attitude and I am a kind person, that we can race more moto! I am now riding a new Husky 85 and having a ton of fun.

I also enjoy camping, BMX, riding and jumping my scooter, and my newest hobbies are surfing and wakeboarding! I just like to be a kid and play with all my friends and have fun!

Riding Goals

In December, 2013, I finshed my first year of racing Motocross in the 50cc Beginner class. I am now practicing to move up to the 50cc age group class (50cc 7-8) in March, 2014. I want to practice and be fast enough to compete for podiums and wins in the faster age group class. I also plan on moving up to the 65cc class in early Spring. I plan to practice on a 65cc for a couple of months (while I race the 50cc) until I am ready to race in the bigger class. I am super pumped (I get that from my man, Ryan Dungey) to move up to the 65cc so I am not racing in the PEEWEE class anymore!

In April of 2018, after taking a 3 year hiatus from racing, I decided I wanted to get back into it and asked my dad if we could get back at it. Dad said as long as my grades were good and I could maintain a great attitude while working hard and not getting great results but working toward them, he would gladly jump back in! So, here I am racing again and having a blast. Each race so far I have ridden better, improved my riding and my results are coming around.

My Dad says that it doesn't matter if we win or lose because as long as we leave the track in one piece, uninjured and with a smile on our face, that we are victorious every time! Motocross is my favorite hobby and I love to spend time with my Mom and Dad and my friends.

Competitive Highlights

*First full series of competition: 2013 CMC Golden State Nationals Series (5 rounds)

-Overall Class Standings

50cc Beginner - 3rd place (3rd,3rd,2nd,2nd,3rd)

50cc Open - 9th place

2013 CMC Spring Classic Series (5 rounds)

-Overall Class Standings

50cc Beginner - 1st place (undefeated)

50cc Open -4th place

2013 Transworld Spring Cup Series (5 rounds)

-Overall Class Standings

50cc Beginner - 1st place (undefeated)

50cc Open - 7th place

2013 Transworld Fall Cup Series (Fall 2013)

Marysville, Estreet MX round 

50cc Beginner - 1st place

50cc Open - 4th place

2013 CMC Estreet MX Fall Series (Fall 2013)

Marysville, MMX round

50cc Beginner - 1st place

50cc Open - 4th place

2014 REP Spring Series, April, 2014 Prairie City, CA

65cc Beginner - 1st place

65cc Open - DNF (had a bad fall)

2014 CMC Summer Series, June, 2014, 408MX, San Jose, CA

65cc Beginner - 4th place