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Personal History

I am 13! I got my first dirt bike a XR70 for Christmas in 2015. I got an 85 shortly after that and raced my first race October 2016. I have only been racing for about three years or so, competitively. It took some getting use to going straight from an XR70 to an 85, but I made it work. In August 2018, I had my first bone break, I broke my tibia during a race. I had to have surgery, and was off my bike for 4 month. Once the doctor cleared me I came home and got on my dirt bike that day. It took some time for my confidence to come back after breaking my leg, but I wasn't going to let it hold me back. I spend all my free time on my dirt bike, if no tracks or races are open, I spend my time tearing up the yard on my pit bike.

Riding Goals

My goals for the future are to get a top three series championship and to continue to grow my confidence and speed as a rider!

Competitive Highlights

My favorite competitive highlight was when I won my very first AX race. I was running first the whole race and the second lap from finished I crashed and fell back to 6th, but I was determined to win so I got my bike up as quickly as I could and hammered down. I ended up passing second place on the finish line, to win the race!