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Personal History

My Name is Cody Russell.  I am 11 years old and attend Grey middle schooI live in Clermont, Fl where I have my own track.

I have been riding a bike since I was about 3 years old! I got on my dad's 450 Honda and rode with him in our field before that.  To say the least dirt bikes are my life! I get to ride during the week and on the weekends I am not racing.  I try to get my other mx friends out there to ride with me when they can.  I also ride other private tracks in the area including one near James Stewart's track and go over to watch them when we hear them riding!

My other hobbies are Karate, playing my guitar,soccer, basketball,running,swimming and playing my Xbox,, working out per trainers schedule (dirt bike game is the favorite!)

I have been on a KTM since getting off my PW.  I love KTM's!  When I am not riding I am playing dirtbikes or dirtbike games and mom told me that I make bike noises in my sleep, now that is dedication to the sport!

Riding Goals

I have started training with miles Atkinson and with my dad at RTF trying to get top 5 at Loretta Lynn's this year. After that train hard for the Vurb Classic.

I love to ride and hope to make a long career out of it!

Competitive Highlights

2008 was my second year of riding the FMS series and finished my 4-year-old season in 2nd place on my PW50. 


I was first in both the 50cc Oil class and 4-6 class on my KTM.  I also run with a bunch of friends at Dade City when I am not running the FMS where I finished 12th but only ran 9 races out of the 21.

I placed 1st in a supercross race in Kissimmee Fl earlier in the year on my KTM.

I qualified this year in 2 area qualifiers and finished 4th at the Lazy River regional to run in the Loretta's Amateur National. At Loretta's National race I finished 5th, 6th and DNF due to dirt in my jet in the 3rd race, where I was running 3rd.  I had a great time and ended up 16th overall anyway.   


This year I won the Winter Am series in the 4-6 class.  I then won the 4-6 class at the first RC Amateur event in Daytona, that was awesome. 

I am in no series this year, but race or practice each weekend. 

My 3rd at LL was the highlight so far this year!