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Rider Updates

Oct 29 2014

Had a good time in Indiana at the GNCC Ironman race.  Thanks to all my sponsors!  Without them I couldn't do it.  I finished 31st in my class, which considering all the riders, it wasn't too bad.  I would of liked to of done better, but I'm getting experience being on a course with 871 other riders at one time.  There were some bad bottlenecks I got caught up in. It will be better next time.

Thanks again for every ones  support!

Sep 24 2014

A little over half way through the season I am 2nd and 4th in my classes.  This year has been tough with two hard crashes that kept me out for a little while.  Glad to say I'm back to riding hard and feel 100% again.  Was able to get two 2nd places at my last race with two 2nd place overalls.   It is a good feeling.  Looking forward to finishing up the cross-country season.  Just want to say THANKS to all my sponsors, we couldn't do this without you!

Nov 30 2013

Clutch went out during practice before the TORCS race, had to go home and get the 125KX.  Didn't get the finish I wanted but was able to finish the race.  Waiting for the 250 to get out of the shop so I can get ready for the last TORCS race of the season Dec 7-8.

Nov 2 2013

Bike is ready and loaded.  Headed to Ultimate MX to practice in the morning.  Will be racing there next weekend.

Oct 30 2013

Just got back from the GNCC Ironman.  What a race - there were 110 riders in my class, the Sportsman B and 720 racers total on the course.  It was crazy.  Ended up finishing 40th.  Not great but considering the shear number of riders, it wasn't too bad.  The course was nice and had a good time racing. Thanks to the spectators who helped pull my bike out of the mud!  Looking forward to next year!!!

Oct 23 2013

Busy getting the bike and gear ready to head to Indiana to The Ironman GNCC race.  Looking forward to the race!

Aug 18 2013

Had a good weekend of racing - Saturday got 1st in the Open A and 1st Overall, Sunday raced the 2 hour for the first time since getting hurt in May and got 1st in the Open A and 1st Overall. 

The best part of the weekend though was my mom getting me a "new to me" Honda 250R!!!!! The power going from the 125's to the 250 was incredible.

Looking forward to the next round of races in as couple of weeks!

Aug 6 2013

Racing again!!!!  Went to a motocross race this past weekend and had a great time.  Rode the Schoolboy and 250C classes and got first place in both.  Got to try out a Honda 250CRF and loved it! Getting more comfortable each time I ride from the long injury layoff.  Looking forward to the next race.

Jul 12 2013

I'm back!!!!! It has been 2 months since my wreck.  Finally got the okay to ride again. It feels great to be back on the bike.  The down time was hard, but needed.  Slowly getting back into it.  Hope to be able to race next weekend.

Jun 24 2013

My wreck at Blue Creek was worse than expected.  Hurt my back and have not been able to ride since then.  Missed my first races in four years.  The doctors and therapist say I can try getting back on the bike this weekend.  Looking forward to riding again.  The down time has been hard but I needed the recovery time.  Can't wait for the weekend to get here.

May 25 2013

Had a rough weekend at Blue Creek Ranch.  Went down really hard in the race Saturday.  I was able to get up and finish.  Sunday, I was hurting from the crash but still tried to race.  Didn't do too good but completed the race.  Some points is better than no points.  Will be headed to the doctor to get checked out Tuesday.  Hopefully everything will be okay so I can get ready to race in 2 weeks at Honey Creek.

Apr 22 2013

Had a good weekend of racing.  Came away with 2 first places in the Open A Sat 1hr and Open A Sun 2hr and took the overall for both races.  It was a technical course and loved riding it.  Now to get the bikes ready for some practice time.....

Mar 5 2013

Busy getting bikes and gear ready to make the trip to Florida and Georgia for 2 GNCC races.  Looking forward to racing!

Feb 4 2013

Attended the Texas Xtreme Awards Banquet Saturday.  It was nice, they had it at the race.  In the Overall Sunday 2 hr I placed 2nd.  For the Sunday Open A 2 HR, I  won the overall Championship with a 2nd in the Spring Series and 1st in the Fall Series.  In the Open A Saturday 1 HR, I won the overall Championship with a 1st in the Spring Series and a 1st in the Fall Series.  Although I may not make all the 2013 races due to riding other series, I look forward to the races I will be able to make.  It was a good year and they had some good courses.

Feb 4 2013

Wooohooooo........the 2013 season has finally started!  Rode in my first race for the year and it was GREAT.  A combination of tight woods and open fields.  The big bikes had an advantage in the fields but I whipped them in the woods.  Brought home 4 1st place finishes - Open A Sunday 1 hr, Open A Sunday 2 hr, Overall Sunday 1 hr and Overall Sunday 2 hr.  Looking forward to next weekend and another race.

Jan 26 2013

Weathers been good but can't ride right now.  We are busy getting my bike ready for the 2013 season.  Can't wait to get back on it next week!  

Jan 14 2013

TORCS Banquet was this past weekend.  I brought home the championships in both my classes - 250F B and Sport B!  I worked hard and it paid off.  Had some good battles each weekend in both classes.  Moving up to the Sport A and 250F A for 2013.  Looking forward to another fun year.

Jan 5 2013

Another good day of riding.  It was raining and cold but I still got out and put some time in.  Pushing to get better.

Jan 3 2013

Spent the day cleaning and working on everyone's bikes.  My brother bought a trials bike and have been getting some time on it.  Headed back out to Skull Creek in the morning.

Dec 29 2012

Spending the week at Skull Creek riding.  It's been cold but so far I have had some good practice time.  Riding in the sand dunes, going up steep hills, trails and some motocross.  Still have a few more days here.  Having fun too!

Dec 21 2012

Ended the season last week with a first place in a tag team race.  It has been a good year! I won the series championship in TORCS 250F B and Sport B classes and in GNCC brought home 1st and 4th place in the schoolboy class in the two races we went to.  I am looking forward to next season!

Nov 8 2012

Headed to Hurricane Mills, TN last week for GNCC Parts Unlimited Loretta Lynn's race.  The long trip was worth it - I came home with a 1st place in the Schoolboy 200  class! 

I started out 6th off the start and rode hard working my way up to the front on the first lap.  Stayed focused and only went down a few times.  All the riding and racing the past few months paid off.

Looking forward to March when we will start the 2013 season.  Hope to make a few more races with GNCC this next year.



Oct 2 2012

All races were rained out last weekend.  Headed to TORCS race at Goertz Ranch this weekend.  Busy getting the bike ready.

Sep 24 2012

Had a good weekend of racing.  The course was one of the best all year.  Brought home 2 first places in the Open A 1hr and night race A and a third in the open A 2hr.  Had some good competition on Sunday.

Sep 18 2012

Last weekends race was rained out, so this weekend will be the first race after the summer break.  Looking forward to the race.  Had a good race at Shiloh last spring.  The 2 hour race will be interesting.....

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