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Personal History

I am a fun and easygoing kid and I like to make people laugh.   I love to race and spend as much time as I can riding. I want to win every time I get out and race.  I like helping out the younger kids I ride with.  Its fun seeing them get better.

This past year I had to take some time off from competitive racing in order to give my body time to heal better from two bad crashes last season.  I kept my seat time up by helping to sweep at the TORCS races on the weekends this year as well as getting in practice time at some of the local mx tracks.  I am doing much better now and looking forward to the 2016 season.

I graduated from high school in May.  I currently work as a night security guard at the local motorcycle shop.  I hope to start taking some college classes soon. 

I really like graphics design and photography and I am a good welder.  It's a good back-up plan if racing doesn't work out.  

My ultimate goal is to be a pro in cross-country racing this next year - for the full season. 


Riding Goals

To be PRO one day.....

My biggest goal is to continue to get better, faster and more consistent.  I will be working on my endurance for the longer, more demanding races. 

I plan on starting back up training with a trainer with the goal of competing for Loretta's in 2016. The training has also helped improve my woods riding.

2016 I hope to get a new 350, but until then I will be on a CRF250r  Borrowed a 350 last weekend to race and like the increased power, would just need to modify the suspension for me. 

We plan on attending several GNCC races in 2016.  My brother may also ride which would help with expenses.

The race schedule is still pending for 2016 depending on when the different series have races. However, first, I would like to make at least 6 GNCC races and finish well. Second, I have been riding a little more motocross and would like to try for Loretta Lynn's National, and third to continue riding in the TORCS series.  I am also looking at some TORN and LACC races in order to race in different terrains and against different people. 

And then there is the Erzberg Endro..... one day I will make it there.

Competitive Highlights

2014 - Finished 2nd in the Sport A class and 3rd in the Open A class inTORCS.

2013 - Finished 4th in both the Open A and Sport A classes in TORCS. 

2012  - Took first in both the Sport B 13-19 and 250F B.  In Xtreme spring series I got first in Open A Saturday 1 hour, second in Open A Sunday 2 hour; fall series I got currently third in the Overall Sunday 2 Hour and first in the Summer Night Series. 

2012 - Went to 2 GNCC races -  rode schoolboy 200cc in Georgia and got fourth and then 1st at Loretta Lynns.

2011 - In the TORCS series, I got second place in the supermini and second place in the 250F C classes.  Many weekends I placed in the top positions for the overall in my races.

2011 - In Xtreme, for the spring series I got first place in the Open C Sunday 2 hour and moved up into the Open B Sunday 2 hour for the fall series where I am currently in first.  I got second in the Saturday 1 hour Open B during the spring series but have not rode it much this fall.  I have been sweeping for the kids on Saturday.  Waiting for the final race to get overall standings for the year.

I rode in the GNCC races at Lorette Lynn’s in 2011.  Although I didn't finish well ( clutch went out on Friday and top end blew on Sunday - very disappointing) I learned alot because it was in a different type of terrain than I was used to and with ALOT more riders.  It was also the first time we traveled any distance for a race.  Will definitely do things different next time and I am looking forward to another opportunity to race out of Texas.