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Personal History

My name is Cody Norris, I have had a lot of bad wrecks with 5 concusions and a ton of broken bones but my love for this sport is still burning hot. I am 17 years old, I am a senior in high school this year, and i have been working in a hardware store for 2 and a half years and am almost in mannagement. I ride as often as possible wich is often dailly enless i have bike problems. I dont mean to forget anyone or anything but i have memory loss from all my wrecks so its easy for me to forget what i do. I ride because its amazingly fun and thats what the sport is about but i race because i am extremely competitve i am agressive on the track but i am every ones friend on and off the track.

Riding Goals

My goal is to try my hardest, put in the hours practicing and put everything i have out there. I am planning on races a couple Oregon State races but my main focus is going to be on the areana cross series either in albany or medford. I am going to race as many races as i can offord. wish me luck!

Competitive Highlights