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Personal History

I started riding motorcycles when I was 2/3 years old and my dad got me a xr50. I rode until I was about 12 when my father passed away and unfortunately my mom and I were very poor so she had to sell my motorcycles to get us by. I rode bmx for a few years inbetween and had a lot of fun and got very good also but never enjoyed it as much as dirtbikes. Unfortunately I went downhill for a bit and got myself into some trouble as a young and dumb kid and ended up not doing anything for about 3/4 years. Started riding dirtbikes again and haven’t stopped since and it has been about 4 years since that! I create YouTube videos on my channel DudezDudeStuff and am going to continue to make those and make better and more entertaining content to watch! I also create content for Instagram and it has started going pretty well! 

Riding Goals

My goals for riding is simply to have a great time and progress as much as possible in almost every type of riding! I enjoy teaching my buddies along the way and making new riding buddies as well! I want to continue to spread the utter joy that riding can bring and get more people to get involved into the sport no matter if it’s for racing or just for fun. 

Competitive Highlights

I did race a few small local races as a child but as an adult I haven’t raced anything. I have been told I should a lot of times and for this 2023 season would really like to do atleast a few of my local corcs races in Colorado