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Personal History

Born in Olathe, Kansas, son of Mark and Karen Lambeth. My parents always described me as a strong (strong willed too), independent, and inventive child. My summers consisted mainly of being outside and rigging up trailers to my bicycle, riding my go cart, and my PW50. Through adolescence, I played many sports including: baseball, basketball, and football. I enjoy many other sports- practically any sport that includes a board of some sort (wakeboard, wakeskate, snowboard, longboard, etc.). Growing up, my dad and his friends have always enjoyed riding their dirt bikes and going on trail rides. Since I was about four, I have always enjoyed riding dirt bikes, and recently decided to compete in motocross.

Riding Goals

As a rider, I do not know of many riding goals, because it is my belief that the moment you lose sight of the sport itslef, you lose sight of the real reason you started- for the love of the sport. My goal this year, as a first year competitor, is to enjoy riding and racing, meet new people and make new friends, learn to become a better rider, and represent products that I truly believe in.

Competitive Highlights

Since my first race at the Challenge Trax in Kingsville, Missouri, I have grown in skill level and confidence. After watching professional videos and talking to local pro riders, I have learned to become more confident and in control when I ride. On April 4th I came out on top with a first place finish in the 450 beginner class after getting two second place finishes and one third place finish.




                                                                             ***MORE TO COME AS THE SEASON GOES ON THANKS!***