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Personal History

My name is cody Baugher and I am a very down to earth guy that moved to pa from Alabama 6 years ago. I enjoy hanging out with friends and riding around when I am not at work or serving at a local fire company . I have been riding dirtbikes for around 5 years now around fields and home tracks but recently had the opportunity to show up at a real track and have found a new passion of riding dirtbikes. I have been riding on tracks for around a year now and just entered A Supercross series at Evansville Mx and took 6th place in my first ever Supercross race in 250c. I am hooked on racing and only plan on getting better from here. I have got together with a few friends who go to the track every weekend and we are all serious about getting faster. In time we all plan on getting more competitive and serious about this new found sport of racing. 

Riding Goals

My personal goal is to become competitive in 250A class in 2 years time and hopefully expand my riding area to more tracks all over the state of pa and Mabye even outside pa. A long term goal of mine is to one day become fast enough to race the Loretta qualifier at pagoda Mx club near me.


Competitive Highlights

Due to recently just having my first race last weekend I do not have many highlights in my racing yet but I am looking to change that. I am very proud to have taken 6th place in my first race in 250c so that is my biggest accomplishment to date. This will hopefully change as I get better and time goes on