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Personal History

I am 14 years old and i have learn to love the style of motocross. I do not only ride motocross on the off season I play high school football and ride bicycles to keep in shape to be ready to ride once again. I always look forward to riding in the summer/spring. No matter how bad I wish to ride  school is a top priority to me so I have to keep my grades up to and A or a B. (unless I want to have my motocycle taken away.) Having me riding my dad has also taken up the sport from his off years. Having missing the sport of motocross he made us our own track in a draw for me to practice. Having last year being my first year of riding a 250f my dad was shoked to her that i wanted to take up the sport of racing. My dad jumped up for the chance for me to ride competitive like he used to so I can enjoy the sport like he did. My first race was held at Clarkia, ID. I did get last but it was my very first race ever I haved improved my skill last year from jumping only 10 ft jumps to doing 50-65 ft jumps my skill is improving through the corners as well and i hope to have my skills improve. I continued to race clarkia and I started placing at average of 3. For my first year i have alot of confidence pulling me through another year. I have already stated riding and I hope to race again this year!

Riding Goals

I still need some corner work I can carry through but corners is where races are won. My whoops are also needed to be worked on whoops are everey where from breaking bumps into a corner to acceleration bumps out of one and lets forget the thechnical one built onto the track. Bike control is also one bike control is what helps you in corners, whoops and even jumps. Last but not least jumping jumping is the least important part but is still impotant. Jumping can get you the pass that you cant always get by through the corners or some jumps will get you to another spot quiker. No matter how good you are there is always somthing to learn.