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Rider Updates

Mar 21 2023

Seasons starting off okay. Moved up to 250b class and not doing to bad. Starts haven't been the best and I just need to go to the gym and get my fitness way better then I am currently. (Dad bod). I'll be up there battling it out in no time that's for sure.

Feb 7 2023

Woooooo! Just been riding a bunch of trails for the past couple months. Off road season is coming up pretty dang quick which I'm super excited for. Going to be a learning season for sure. Moving up to 250 b class and doing the desert 100 race this season. Can't wait. Thanks for everyone who supports me. I have a YouTube channel now it's pnw dirtbike riders check it out. Nothing to special but still something.

Nov 6 2022

Tried a hare scramble this weekend. I had a blast finished 4th. Need to set my bike up better. Had some stupid tip overs and went through some trees which threw me off my bike. Definitely cutting my bars down a bit. It was a blast though can't wait to do more of the series next season.

Sep 26 2022

Got the best start of the season was like fourth or fifth going into the second turn. Got up to second by the fourth turn which was sick. Had to many mistakes little tip overs. Half way in on my first lap I fell pretty hard onto a rock and my leg was pretty much toast after that. Couldn't do to much and was super bummed. I got third overall in the season could've been on the top box but it just wasn't meant to be. Thanks to all my sponsors and all the support that you've given. Going to b class next year so watch out.

Jul 17 2022

Well I was doing great running p2 most of the race. Got a 23 ktm 250 xcf now and road it Saturday at practice felt pretty alright on it need to get suspension done though. Last lap got stuck behind someone and went down in a deep rut. Got passed was running third and tried wheeling through this ditch I've been doing all race. Throttle stuck and tried jumping over a barbed wire fence. I smacked my head pretty good another racer saw me crash helped me get up and on my bike. I finished 6th over all. Could've done better going to heal up and go after it again. Thanks to all my sponsors and am excited to get some stuff dialed in on the new bike.

Jul 13 2022

Got a 23' KTM 250xcf today ready for the future. Time to hit up all the sponsors and see if they make anything for it yet. Got my ama off road number yesterday. Stoked to start doing that series as well. Here's to the future! Cheers everyone!

Jun 23 2022

Super excited to race at washougal this weekend. Just put a fresh clutch in the bike so that'll be nice. Shout out to all my sponsors, can't wait to have a great race it'll be 93 on race day. Let's gooooo!

Jun 5 2022

Super stoked to get some riding in before the race next weekend. No clue what track I'm hitting up yet, but for sure going riding.

Jun 1 2022

Thank you ogio for the support I'll continue to use your products and represent them well.