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Personal History

    I graduated from Dresden High School in May. I have worked running equipment since I was five years old. My grandfather taught me how to run dozers, trachoes, pay loaders, and skid steers. I also work on repairing dirt bikes. I have worked as a diesel mechanic for a year and a half. I was very thankful to get to learn how to run the equipments and being a diesel mechanic at an early age because of my grandfather.



Riding Goals

    I hope to continue to improve each day in my riding and be the best I can be. I watch films to farther better my ability, strengths, and weakness’s on and off the track. Every week, I work with a trainer on a track to help improve myself each race. I thrive to be the best and fastest one on the track as well. 

Competitive Highlights

I race the local TMXA classes of 16-24, 250c, and 450c.