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Personal History

I started riding in 1985 at the age of 4 on a PW50 in rural Minnesota. I began racing at the age of 6. I raced 50s, then 60s, followed by 80s, and eventually graduated to big bikes. I moved to Arizona in 1995. My father decided that we would no longer race, but would continue to ride. I rode through 2000. I then went on my adult journey of life and was financially unable to ride due to my lack of positive decision making skill. I am now back to riding full time and starting to race again. I race 250 Novice and Vet Novice.


I have battled my share of "demons" in the past. It was a self induced dark road that I went down. I am now on the path of prosperity.

I appreciate every day I have and make sure not to take it for granted. I am a very positive person and am known to be highly approachable. I do every thing I can to help those around me. I try to do at least one unsolicited good deed for someone each day. Helping others helps me to stay grounded and remember why we are on this earth.

As a representative of your products and company, you can rest assured that you will be portrayed in a very positive light. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit better.

May your day be positive and prosperous.

Riding Goals

*To continue to gaining speed and moving forward

*To build my fitness, thus allowing me to push harder and for longer periods

*To start racing regularly again. (as funding permits)


Competitive Highlights

1990 8th overall 65cc (raced half of the season)

1991 9th overall 65cc (raced half the season)

recent results to start being added as they happen very soon.