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Personal History

I got into riding motorcycles when I was 26 years old so I haven't been riding for as long as others, but I like to enjoy every moment I am out on the bike or in whatever else I find myself doing.

Riding Goals

As much as I would like to strive to be the best, I know that I am late in the game to polish my skills to become a professional rider. So I actually look at the goals as just trying to improve myself in some form from the last time I rode. Will it always be better, not all the time as I may have a day that I am not feeling the energy. I mainly find myself having fun taking a small bike and asking it if I can get around the track faster than the guy ahead of me. Does it always work, sadly no. But at least I give myself an opportunity to try different things to see what may or may not work on a bike that feels slower than the others on the grid.

Competitive Highlights

I got talked into racing by a friend of mine that wanted to keep supermoto alive here in the Pacific Northwest. Since I was late into the game of learning how to ride, my placements in the races I have participated in were usually towards the back. The 2016 year gave me a chance to actually compete against others locally to myself and I progressed from ending towards the back of the race at the beginning of the season to finishing towards the middle of the grid as the racing season finished. At the final round of the Cascadia 2016 racing season, I was cheered on by the spectators for giving the racing grid a good challenge as I took first and third in the two races I entered that day. The 2017 season did not really have any noteworthy highlights as I usually finished in the middle of the pack and was enjoying my time being out there with my friends and fellow racers.