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Rider Updates

Oct 1 2013

Just got sponsored by PanicRev!!! Love those guys.  If you are not familiar with this Christian mx ministry, check them out.  I will be going to Texas again this year.  Thanks to PanicRev!!


Built anaother track with my mx friends in Sheridan.  This one is sick!  It's primarily a turn track with a couple of radical jumps.  I'm spending time there with Michael Marzhoff and Jack Mango.

We have been riding Motolan lately. Thank God they are back in business.  It's the best track in Indiana.

Looking forward to Supercross and supporting Quinton Camp!

Jul 30 2013

It's been a while since my last update.  I went to camp Rev in Texas and rode with some amazing pros and got one on one instruction on technical aspects of the track.  Great experience overall.

I went to Red Bud which was another amazing weekend.  The track was pretty fast and rutted heavily in the turns.  Great track though!

I've been riding locally and on my practice track lately.  Heading down to Loretta Lynn's tomorrow to see the national competition firsthand.  It should be a great week ofr competitive riding with the final motos on Saturday.


Thanks again to the pros at CampREv in Texas and to my sponsors.  My sponsorship stickers have been seen in Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas just this summer. 

Jun 26 2013

Riding some Louisiana tracks this week while on vacation at my grandparents house.  I went to Loranger and had fun on their red clay track with some locals.  Trying to check out Kentwood which I hear has great jumps.

Getting a lot of compliments on my new graphics and questions about my sponsors!

Jun 26 2013

Just finished the PanicRev camp in Texas. It was a great experience.  John and Scott Parkinson, the founders of Panic Rev, put together an amazing camp.  It was held at UndergroundMX in Kemp, Texas.  Randy, the track owner, maintains a world class facility you will have to experience.  Some of the instructors were:

Kyle Cunningham, Billy Linnovich, Bret Cue, Kaleb Kline, Matt Cleveland, Zeb Smith, Matt Lemoyne, Bobby Boldt.  Blake Wharton couldn't make it because of a team meeting in Cali.

Thanks to everyone for the experience!  Thanks to Billy and Bret for the freestyle whips off the super jump.

Can't wait to go again in Oklahoma in Sept, or Texas again next year.


Jun 7 2013

Getting ready for CampRev in Texas.   Matt Cleveland,  Zeb Smith, Brett Cue, Billy Laninovich, Kyle Cunningham, Blake Wharton are the instructors.  Gonna be awesome!

May 28 2013

I have been spending a lot time on my practice track in preparation for the Rev Camp in Texas.  After camp, I will race locally and in regionals.  I'm going to the High Point Nationals in Pennsylvania.

May 4 2013

At the RedBud qualifiers today.  Nice crowd.

Good luck to Quinton Camp trying to qualify for the Las Vegas Supercross show tonight!

Apr 27 2013

Rode Leisure Time this weekend with Nick and Steve Yeager.  Great fun!

Just signed up for the CampRev mx camp in Texas. 

Had all my mx friends over Saturday for Supercross!

Apr 23 2013

Rode Leisure Time this weekend with Quinton Camp and Nick Yeager.  First time on a very sandy track.  Good experience and definitely a learning curve.  Like they say, if you can ride on sand , you can ride anywhere!

Apr 20 2013

Another wet weekend in Central Indiana.  Bummer.  Red Bud was canceled again this weekend.

Thanks to all my sponsors!  We are getting the graphics together for my bike.  My Dad has already purchased some stuff from the sponsors for the trailer and bike accessories. 

Trying to dry out my practice track so we can prepare for racing.

Apr 13 2013

I went to the Minneapolis Supercross and worked in the pits to support Quinton Camp.

Quinton got his pro card and has really been an inspiration to me.

He is so stoked on the site and all the sponsors who have stepped up to support me.

It was awesome to hang with the pros and so motivational for me.


Apr 12 2013

Continuing to ride on my practice track with my friends.  The weather here is not good and the local tracks have canceled some races.  Hopefully, the weather will break and we can get busy.

Apr 7 2013

I rode High Fly this weekend in southern Indiana.  Nice track with plenty of jumps, woops, and a great back stretch. First time on a track with my new Honda CRF250-R.  Bike was awesome! Ready to race with the big boys.

Mar 16 2013

I attended the Monster Energy Supercross race in Indianapolis.

I worked the pits and it was awesome!

I had a riders signing meeting with Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin.  Great guys!