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Personal History

i am 35 years old.I am married and have four children.I am outgoing and people friendly.I enjoy racing enduros and love bikes,hunting,and favorite past time is just spending time with my family.The series i race in is an AMA sanctioned series but has a family like atmosphere.I know most of the racers and their families.On racedays there is about 150 racers average that compete.From small kids classes to womens classes on up to veterans. I try to get to the tracks as early as possible to share ideas with other riders or promote my sponsors.I try to give them ideas on new products as well as find out about new things. if i can help riders and promote my sponsors at the same time its a win win situation.

Riding Goals

My main goal for the year is simple. Be at each and every race to compete.yes i want to win, i want the trophies,but you first have to be there and be healthy.If you can be there each and every race to compete you atleast have a shot.I have finished top six in points the last four years ive raced i'd like to better that but atleast equal that. Your sponsors depend on you being there as well.You have to represent your sponsors,make them look good and competing at your best is always the biggest goal.

Competitive Highlights

One of my biggest highlights was at action town mx park.i hated that track with a passion.I could never ride well there and never seem to get a trophy.In 2002 I came thru the scoring transponder on the last lap and it said i was the winner.Man that was a good feeling. Another moment was finishing third at budds creek mx park, getting a podium there was huge.There have been several but those two are huge to me.