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Personal History

I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 10 years old, I am currently 32. During the years I raced mainly cross country series in Texas some motocross series in the mix. I stared on a KX 100 in the mini beginner when I was 12 years old and progressed into a expert level racer by the time I was 16. I took a break from full time racing when I was 22 to focus on college and my career. I now have 2 boys that started riding dirt bikes 2 years ago. My oldest boy Braden Alcorn is currently 7 years old and ended up 2nd overall in the PW50 beginner class last year (2021) he raced a 2017 KTM50SXMINI. I purchased him a 2022 KTM 50SX for this season and he is progressing with speed every race, he has a true passion for dirt bikes and tells all his friends, teachers, and family about his racing. My middle son Bubba Alcorn is on his first racing year and currently racing the 50 Beginner class on the 2017 KTM50SXMINI and continues to progress the more seat times he gets. I started racing again at the first of this year (2022) in the O30 INT class, I finished 3rd out of 18 racers, unfortunately I tore my ACL and Meniscus just had surgery and will be back on a bike in about 6 months. I will still be attending racing events for my kids during the mean time. 

Riding Goals

Recovery in 6 months and to get back on the bike. Finish a full season in the 030Int class and promote to the O30Exp class the following season. My oldest sons goals are to continue progressing and get a 1st place finish this year. Goals for the 2nd kid is seat time and progression and finish a entire season. 

Competitive Highlights

Raced for many state championships through out the years. And my kids will be attending every race during the season and also racing for state championships