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Personal History

DOB:   January 18, 1975

HOBBIES:  Cycling, and Riding

BIKES:  GasGas EX350 and MC450

CLASSES:  +40, +45 and 40 Masters

EDUCATION: 1998:  The University of North Texas (Criminal Justice)
2004:  Thurgood Marshal School of Law (Juris Doctor)

MOST ADMIRED RIDERS:  David Bailey and Doug Henry, because they are two racers that represent what true sportsmanship and motocross is really about.  They won their many championships on pure will, determination, and passion for the sport.  They are true professionals on and off the track.

WHY I STARTED RACING: It has always been a passion of mine to race motorcycles.  I come from a mother and father who participated in auto racing, so growing up I was exposed to many types of racing.  I chose motorcycles, because I had an uncle who loved them and through him I developed the same love for motorcycles as he did.  Now that both my uncle and my father are gone, I feel that every time I race, I carry a piece of them with me to the starting line.

WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT MOTOCROSS: The thing that I like best about motocross is the thrill of competition, the good sportsmanship of the racers, and the many intangible lessons learned from racing.  Through racing I have learned that hard work and persistence do not always pay off in a win, but without it, the chance of succeeding will never come.

My main goal is to represent myself and my sponsors in a respectful manner that promotes the values of competition through hard work and good sportmanlike conduct. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation. Hopefully we can develop a great working relationship together. I would appreicate any support available.