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Personal History

Off the track Chase is a sophomore at Harmony High school. He maintains a 3.6 GPA while doing various extracurricular activities such as varsity football, varsity track, weightlifting and volleyball. While these keep him in optimal shape Chase spends most of his free time working to better himself by running, biking, and swimming. On the weekends, Chase devotes his time to training and getting better at the track.

Riding Goals

In 2023 Chase plans to advance to B class where he intends to finish top ten in 250 B, 450 B and Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C. Chase is working hard to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s National Championship for the second time and use his knowledge and experience from last year to perform in the top 20.

Competitive Highlights

• 2020 – Winter AM series overall
-250c 9th
-Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 10th
-schoolboy 1(12-17) B/C 13th

• 2020 - Gold Cup series overall
-450c 7th
-250c 24th

• 2021- Winter AM overall
- 250c 7th
- Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 5th
• 1/9/2022 – Diamond Back (round 1 of Winter AM series)
-250c 8th
-450c 8th
-schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 6th

• 1/16/2022 – Dade City (round 2 of Winter AM series)
-250c 3rd
-450c 4th
-Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 1st

• 1/23/2022 – Gatorback (round 3 of Winter Am series)
-250c 6th
-450c 4th
-Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 9th

• 1/30/2022 – Orlando MX (round 4 of Winter AM series)
-250c 5th
-450c 3rd
-Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 2nd

• 2/6/2022 – Waldo Motorsports (round 5 of Winter Am series)
-250c 3rd
-450c 2nd
-Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 3rd

-250c 1st
-Schoolboy (12-17) B/C 1st
-450c 2nd

• 4/02/2022 – Loretta Lynn’s area qualifier at Mill Creek
-250c 5th
-250c limited 3rd
-250c Jr. (12-17) limited 6th
-450c 6th

• 6/11/2022 – Loretta Lynn’s South East regional qualifier at Silver Dollar
-250c limited 8th
-250c Jr. (12-17) limited 7th

• 8/01/2022 – Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National motocross championship
-250c limited 41st