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Rider Updates

Nov 28 2017

It has been a while since I have been able to get out and ride but I am in the process of a full rebuild on my bike in preparation for next race season. I am planning to get the bike as ready and dialed in as possible to give myself a headstart into next race season. i plan to go as often as possible in order to progress through the sport much more this upcoming year. 

Oct 16 2017

I went out to Briarcliff Mx this weekend for open riding and had a great time practicing. By far the toughest track I've been too yet, but an awesome place to learn and see some really fast guys. The next trip out will be a race day to put some numbers behind all the practice I've put in.

Oct 11 2017

After plenty of a stressful weeks woth school and just being overly busy I'm finally catching a break with two days off school. Hoping to go riding somewhere. Briarcliff looks too inviting to pass up so I can only hope the weather stays good enough for an open practice day.

Sep 18 2017

Saturday didn't go as planned but I think it worked out for the better. Route 62 cancelled their open practice on race day and I figured 5 or 6 hours of ride time was a better option and way to train than 20 minutes of racing. So Google had the answer and we went out to pusheta to ride. After a day at a new track I feel much more confident and faster around a track. Still can't wait to race next but I can only keep getting better and riding at new places furthers my skill tremendously.

Sep 9 2017

New tires, oil, and air filter before the race next week. I adjusted my valves and chain tension as well so the bike is ready to go. Now it all comes down to keeping my mind and body sharp.

Sep 5 2017

Finally got a session in after getting settled in with the workload school had thrown my way. It feels so good to get out and enjoy some much needed practice time and makes me that much more excited to get out and see some results at my next race.

Aug 24 2017

After the practice sessions and one race I've competed in I realized that not only do I need a lot more track time but that I need to get serious about getting into the gym to work my body as well. Yesterday was my first day back into the gym in quite some time but it's time to really get focused and push myself. Woth starting back at osu I've got a lot on my plate but I think it's helping more to get my mindset right and push my limits not only physically but mentally to stay sharp.

Aug 20 2017

Went out to route 62 mx yesterday for open practice. We had a rough start to the morning and got there later than we wanted but for only being on the track for my second time I felt leaps and bounds better than last week. I was noticeably more comfortable and relaxed on the track which led to much better lap times. I can't wait until the next race to be able to see my improvements on paper with a better finish.