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Rider Updates

Jun 8 2014

Tidewater: I have been struggling with my brakes going out all year. There is no problem with the parts I am using but I may need a new mechanic (me). With that in mind, I get the holeshot and I am feeling good and 5 miles in my brakes go out again. I struggle to keep the lead and finally let 1st and 2nd go by. I want to pull out of the race but I can't afford to lose the points and it is hard for me to quit. 4th is all over me and finally I let him go. It was a 50 mile race so 45 miles with fading rear brakes was not fun. Somehow I got lucky andended up 3rd.

May 13 2014

Actiontown: I got a bad start but pushed my way to about 5th and could see the leaders. A few miles in I started to relax when I hit a small stump and went down. I got up close to last and pushed my way to 3rd. With a lap and a half my brakes started to fade. I should have been able to catch 2nd but decided to play it safe and hold on to 3rd.

May 4 2014

Blue Ridge 1: I love blue ridge. It flows well, has big hills and not too much tight stuff. I was 2nd into the woods and immediately felt uncomfortable. I had made a few changes to my bike right before the race and was not used to them yet . Soon 3rd was all over me and passed me when I barely missed a line. 1st and 2nd slowly got away especially after I missed a corner. 4th was on me for about a lap but then he was gone. Going into the second hour of the race I began to feel comfortable and I started to catch 2nd but did not have enough time to get to him. My brakes stayed strong for the whole race for once.

Apr 6 2014

April Fools: Obviously when you win it is fun, but April Fools is always fun. I got a terrible start but had fun as 198 and I battled with each other while getting to 2nd and 3rd. When we got there he left me but soon enough I caught back up to 1st and 2nd. We had a good 3-way duel for a bit and some how I came out with 1st. Then my brakes started to fade. I just hung it out for the rest of the race and made it to the finish with 1st.

Mar 16 2014

Race for Vision: I got the holeshot and felt good. I caught the class that started ahead of my row and tightened up when I could not get past them. I fell back to 3rd and was still there going into the last lap when my bike broke. I'll try again next race.

Sep 22 2013

I was 3rd off the start. 2nd place fell and gave me his position. Then 1st place missed a turn and gave me 1st. Then I just cruised until midway through the 4th lap. My brakes went out. I had to pump them constantly to keep them working but I made it to the end in 1st.

Aug 25 2013

I got the holeshot and tried to get away from everyone. That didn't happen because after the 1st lap 2nd place was only 2 seconds behind me. The track was tight and technical and hard for me to get into a good flow. I put on a charge that I thought would get rid of the 2nd place rider but he stayed right with me. Early in the 3rd lap I let the guy go by, figuring that I would go faster by following him or he would get tired and I could pass him back. Then I wrecked. I did manage to catch back up to him at the end of the 3rd lap and passed him on the 4th lap and was able to hold on for the win.

Aug 11 2013

Got the hole shot. The track was real slippery so i was just cruising trying to get the feel. I saw a kid from 250 A that had wrecked and it looked bad. That image messed with me and I lost my focus and proceeded to hit a stump then a tree and go over the handlebars. Got myself and bike together slowly and took off in 3rd place. I caught 1st in 2nd stuck in the same line on a hill and went by them. It started raining about 20 minutes into the race and it was actually pretty fun while it was raining. The rain stopped near the end of the second lap and the track got real bad. I felt good going into the last lap but I dropped anchor about 3 miles in with 10 miles to go. I struggled in the mud on a few hills but made it to the end in 1st.

Aug 4 2013

I got the hole-shot. Missed a turn a few miles in and got passed. Got back in front and took a bad line through a mud hole and fell back to 3rd. Got back to 2nd but took a bad line and went back to 3rd. Finished the 1st lap in 3rd. Managed to get back to 1st about 4 miles into the second lap and pushed to get away for the rest of the race.

Apr 16 2013

The second race was at Oakridge and was a combined VCHSS and National Harescramble, so there were a few extra racers there.  I was 4th into the woods and quickly got to 2nd then quickly got passed for 2nd.  I felt good on the 1st 2 laps but did not have the pace to keep up with the leaders.  I hoped to make a push on the 3rd lap but got stuck behind some guys in a mudhole and then fell on a muddy uphill after a rocky creek crossing.  I stayed in 3rd but was passed by 2 guys when I stopped for gas, new gloves and goggles.  I caught up with the guys that passed me and passed them back and ended up in 2nd going into the last lap.  About a quarter way through the lap I got off the trail trying to pass a slower rider and ended up with a vine wrapped in my rear tire.  I had to stop 3 times to get it out.  On the last stop I got passed but was able to catch up and pass the guy back and ended the race in 2nd.  I got lucky again.                         

Apr 16 2013

We just had our second race of the Vchss season.  The first race was 33 degrees and snowing, my least favorite conditions.  My goal was to just ride consistent and stay off the ground.  I got a bad start and was 6th after the 1st lap.  I knew that the leaders were probably gone but I kept my head down and tried not to make mistakes.  My fingers were frozen and I thought about quitting.  I was 4th going into the last lap and had decided that I would be happy with a 3rd or 2nd if I was lucky.  I did not up my pace but everyone else slowed down and I managed to get into 1st place by the end of the race.  I got lucky.  Then my luck ended when I locked myself out of my truck in the pouring down snow.