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Personal History

I'm from Charlottesville, Va-born and raised.  I am a property manager with 2 sons and a daughter.  I started riding a suzuki jr-50 when I was 3.  Raced for the first time at Actiontown in Dillwyn when I was 5.  I raced harescrambles form age 9-12 and won some races.  We got out of riding and racing when I was 12 but we always had bikes and a few races between 15-17.  I went to college at 17 and completely forgot what a bike was.  In 2002 a guy that I worked with asked if I wanted to do the Budds Creek Haresrcamble.  After not thinking about a motorcycle for years I went to my Dad's house and dusted off the 2 Honda CR250s that we had.  One was a 94 and one was a 95.  Me and the guy went to a motocross track and I had know idea what I was doing, but then I slowly started to remember how to ride.  So with a combination of old and borrowed gear and an old bike, we went to Budds Creek.  I could not belive how many people were at the race compared to how many were at races when I got out of racing.  I signed up for 250 C and got 7th out of 30 some and had a lot of fun.  I ended up racing the rest of the VCHSS series and won more races then I lost and won the 250 C championship.  They moved me to 250 A and that is where I have been racing since.  I won the vet-A championship in 2013.

Riding Goals

This year I am going to race Vet A and try to win the championship.  Mainly I just want to have fun and enjoy myself, when I can do that I usually finish in a good postion.  I also intend to look professional and represent my sponsors well.  I also want to take the 6 year old son to as many races as I can so that he can race.

Competitive Highlights

Being moved to A from C in my first season was good.  In my third year in 250 A I finished 3 points out of the championship and a few 10ths short of being moved to AA.

A race that stands out to me was last year a Virginina Motorsports Park.  It was the 2nd race of the season and it was cold, rainy and really muddy.  I got into 2nd about midway through the race.  Going into the last lap i went doen the wrong trail.  When I realized it I had already been passed by two guys.  After being mad at myself I regrouped and caught one guy and passed him.  About a mile from the finish I was about 3 or 4 seconds behind him.  I could tell he was almost in cruis control so I did want to let him know I was there until I was making a pass.  There was 150 yard straight to the motocross track which I blasted down to get right behind him.  There was a right then a hard left onto the motocross track, the uphill double, right, big ant hill, double then finish.  I got him in the hard left and beat him to the finish.  It was a fun race and fun to beat the guy for 2nd because the year before we had been playing "knock each other down" for a few races.