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Personal History

My full name is Chad "Austin" Mayberry but I go by Austin. I'm 8 years old and live in Marysville, Ohio. I have been racing since I was 5 years old. I first started out on a Suzuki JR 50 that my grandpa bought for my birthday. I started competing at an outlaw track in Galion Ohio called Sunset Ramblers. Besides racing I love to play playstation, watch t.v, camping, hunting, and fishing.

Riding Goals

My goals for the 2008 season are to become a faster and better rider because there is always room for improvement no matter how good you are and right now I consider myself an average rider. I also will be working to adjust to learning to ride/race my 2006 KTM 65sx. I've been working on it but still have alot to learn. I would also like to advanced in one of the LLQ races that I will attend this year.

Competitive Highlights

One of my most competitive highlights that really surprised my mom and dad was Matt Eastman's Hartford County Fair race in Croton, Ohio during the 2007 season. It was a stormy rainy day which made the track super muddy. There were 13 riders in the 7-8 class for this race and I managed to keep my bike up the entire "MUD" race with a reasonable speed and finish in 4th place. This was competitive because if you can finish up there with Cameron Minton and Nicholas Story who are awesome riders, then it was memoriable.