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Personal History

No Doubt I love dirt bikes, all though im not an experienced rider on any major track this is what I love. 2021 I'm going to be getting myself out on the track to build my portfolio and status as a rider because of the major down falls in life have stopped me from doing so. I've been told by many that I should be out here racing just from my natural flow and instincts. I believe I have the potential to follow my dream I started as just a young boy to be that success story for my daughter, so that i can show her and set and example you can achieve anything if you really want it and who would you be if you never tried.

Riding Goals

Getting more experience out on the track. Balance my turns coming of Burms. 

Competitive Highlights

Bikes don't scare me, but the way I get so fearless on them is the true depth of my fear. When I ride my thoughts are cleared and all I can see is miles of dirt. The pure adrenaline raging to go faster and fly higher then ever before each and every time the bike comes off the ground. the dominance flowing through me wanting to be the fastest taking every turn like a mad man, my family says i have a will to die.