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Personal History

My name is Cammron McLaughlin.  I am16 years old ,and live in LasVegas,Nevada.  I have been riding and racing since i was almost 6 years old.  I like fshing, skiing, and and other sports.  But i only dream about motocross.  I am a sophmore in high school and have been a honor roll student since the first grade.  I started riding a PW50 at five years old, and moved to a KTM pro senior 50 at six years old.  I got my first 65 at seven years old, and got my first 85 at 81/2 years old.  I ride locally and regionally.  I have raced in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California. I have participated in local races,several Calif. Gold Cups, CMC TransCal, the World Mini Gp, Vet-X motocross and Worcs as well as an ameture supercross at Comp. Edge and the KTM Supercross Challenge at Sam Boyd Stadium in 2014 and 15 seasons were cut short due to injuries but I'm currently racing the worcs offroad series and trying to get back up to speed and in shape.

l have switched back to motocross and no longer racing Worcs.l have been racing in So. Calif. and at home and have been doing well. My parents and l have decided to race the AMA SoCal MX Series in june

For the remaining 2016 season i am going to race the last 2 rounds of Worcs, a few local races and a few REM and TWMX races. In 2017 we are going to race the Calif. Gold Cup,TWMX in between for the winter then back to the AMA So Cal Mx Series. As well as local and a couple of races my friends from Las Vegas ride Worcs I miss racing with them. My dad wants me to race the Verb Classic next year and not sure about the fall of 2017.



Riding Goals

This year I would like to get my first WORCS win. I have lead races, holeshoted 6 times this year and caught up to the leader from as much as 40 seconds behind but have been unable to get a win due to crashes, break downs, running out of fuel or just being out ridden.In the future I would like to win a Calif. Gold Cup, get a top 5 in a World Mini, and of course someday ride pro. I guess my biggest goal is to keep it fun and competitive forever.Winning is great but battling is the best part of racing. My goal for 2016 is to win theSoCal MX Series in 2016 for starts.

Competitive Highlights

  1. 2007     SVMX   50cc 4-6yrs  Spring Series Runner Up  2nd Over all
  2. 2007     SVMX   50cc 4-6yrs  Fall Series   Champion
  3. 2007     SVMX   50cc  Beg.    Fall Series   Runner Up  2nd Over all
  4. 2008     KTM Supercross Challenge  Sam Boyd Stadium     12th place
  5. 2009     CMC TransCal   65cc  Beg.  Champion
  6. 2009     CMC TransCal   85cc Beg.  Runner Up  2nd Over all
  7. 2009     SVMX Spring Series    65cc Beg.   Champion
  8. 2009     SVMX  Spring Series    65cc 7-9 yrs.  Champion
  9. 2010     Vet-X Spring Series      85/150cc Open     Champion
  10. 2011     California Gold Cup      150F thru 13    3rd place Over all    ( 10 years old )
  11. 2012     WORCS Offroad  2nd Over all 85cc B 2012 series 
  12. 2012 WORCS superminiB 3RD overall 2012 series    
  13. no highlights for me in 2014-15. Out with injuries and problems. Great to be back for 2016 season! 
  14. I am the2016 AMA So Cal MX Series poont champion in the 86-150 2stroke only B class and runner up in the 250 B class