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Personal History

Hi my name is Caleb Key. I raced motocross when i was 17 threw 18 years old and fell in love with it. Now fast forward 10 years and i am finally able to get back into it. My mane purpose of racing now is to spread awareness for autism PTSD cancer child abuse and many more. I have a complete custom graphic kit and riding gear that is done in puzzle pieces for the autism awareness and am getting other graphic kits done for the other awareness as well. I decided to race for autism awareness because i have my little sister who is autistic and over the years i have came to see just how much people don't understand autism. And while i love doing the autism awareness i thought to myself why stop there when i can help spread the word of all the other important awareness thats out there. So i have dedicated the rest of my racing career to helping spread awareness. My kids also race beside me with the help to spread autism awareness.

Riding Goals

Spread Awareness and enjoy life to the fullest with my family