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Personal History

I got my first dirtbike and started ripping at the age of 5! I am now a 15 year old boy who loves to go riding on the weekends with my dad and our buddies! I was born in Lakeland and love to play outside with my friends and ride every weekend if I can to get more seat time in! Unfortunately I am currently living without a mom but I am living with a very kind and caring dad. My dad really helps out in getting me to and from the races and he is very supportive because, he also races in the senior class for FTR. I would just love to get sponsored because it has always been a life time goal to become a sponsored rider and get a little bit of help from a high caliber team!

Riding Goals

My riding goals are simple BE #1. I have always dreamed about being on the top and be faster but I believe I have what it takes but I just need a mentor to guide me along the way to become a elite athlete. Racing just really just gets the blood pumping and I believe I have what it takes to become a faster more consistent rider with a little bit of advice and instruction on how and what to do to get better and better. I am currently open to work hard and promote very team that would be kind enough to sponsor a young rider like myself!

Competitive Highlights

In all the 8ish races that I have done my worst finish is 4 and I didn’t feel focused that day. But besides the point I would love to race at every race but financially we just can’t afford it so for now I have to race every other race and hope we can go but I really love being there when I am.