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Rider Updates

Aug 10 2020

Heading to Spokane Speedway this coming weekend. Just about got the 2020 RMZ250 dialed in.

Nov 18 2019

Got a brand new 2020 RM-Z250 on the way. Thank you, SUZUKI and Wayne Hughes!!!! Can't wait to see what we can do in the 250 classes with this bad boy.

Jul 8 2019

Next up:

AMA Amateur Flat Track National Championships in Ohio....

July 22nd, 2019

We are stoked! 

Nov 16 2018

I won the 2018 85cc Northwest Series Championship! The series was composed of races at Rainier Cycle Bowl (WA), Goldendale Speedway (WA), Spokane Speedway (WA) and Pemberton Speedway (B.C. Canada). We had a lot of fun and ran consistently up front throughout the season. A giant thanks to Wankers Corner Saloon & Cafe, Top Gun Performance, Spy, Answer, Pro Taper, ASV, Matrix Concepts and everyone who helped us out! 

Jun 18 2018

We'll be heading up to Spokane Speedway this coming weekend for a double header. It's rd 2 of their season and our first time there this year. It is the only cushion track in OR/WA so we are looking to learn a lot. 

Mar 7 2018

We'll be heading back east this May/June to compete in the AMA Flat Track National Championships. Totally stoked to compete against the best!

Nov 14 2017

We'll head to Spokane Speedway Indoor for the first time on Nov 18th. We're stoked.

Nov 1 2016

Raced the season opener double header at Salem Speedway on October 29th & 30th. Had a blast in the Pit Bike class with my friends. I was able to sweep the Heats and Mains both days in 65 DTX and 65 OPEN classes. These are the main classes I am focusing on. I made my first ever starts in the 85 DTX and 85 OPEN classes. It was a lot of fun racing with the older kids on bigger bikes and I learned a lot. I caught some lucky breaks and finished 2nd and 3rd place respectively in 85 DTX and 85 OPEN. This was a great start to the winter season. Thank you to Answer Racing, Spy Optic, ASV, Leatt and Matrix Solutions for their help in making this happen.

Keep it Twisted!

Sep 12 2016

We raced the Northwest Championship Series Finale at Skagit Speedway on September 10th. I took first in the 65cc Heat and Main and also wrapped up the 2016 Northwest Regional 65cc Championship. None of this would have been possible without Mon & Dad. Also a huge thanks to Answer Racing, Spy Optics, Leatt, 1.7, Wanker's Corner Saloon & Café and Ohger Performance. We hope to be back on the track next weekend for Castle Rock Race Park Season Finale next weekend and then at Lodi Cycle Bowl for a double header on Oct. 14th and 15th.

Keep it twisted!

Sep 8 2016

On Saturday, September 10th I will be competing in the Northwest Championship Series Finale at Skagit Speedway in Washington State. I have a 22 point lead going into the final race. All of this wouldn't be possible without the help of Mon & Dad, Wanker's Corner Saloon & Café and Ohger Performance. I would also like to thank my great moto sponsors ANSR, Spy, Leatt, 1.7, Matrix Solutions, ASV and MSR Hard Parts. We'll keep you posted!

Thanks Again!

Aug 23 2016

A great last couple weeks of racing. Finished a close 2nd in the NW Championship Race at Hannegan Speedway in Bellingham, WA on Aug. 13th. This past Saturday I finished 2nd in Pit Bike, 1st in 65cc DTX and 1st in 65cc Mod at Castle Rock Race Park. With one race left in the NW Championship I have a big points lead going into the final at Skagit Speedway. Skagit is a big, high banked D-shaped oval and I can't wait to get after it. Thanks to all the sponsors that make it happen. Big thanks to ANSR Racing, Spy Optics, Leatt, 1.7, MSR Hard parts, Wanker's Corner Saloon & Café and Ohger Performance. We'll keep you posted!

Jun 27 2016

I raced Hannegan Speedway (Bellingham, WA) for the first time this past weekend. I rode 4 separate classes and ended up with three 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish. A totally different track surface then I'm use to and a much bigger TT section than I'm use to. We had a really fun time and I learned a lot. I'll be off from racing for three weeks for family vacationing and then right back to a Northwest Championship Series race. Thank you to Answer Racing, Spy Optics, Leatt, Matrix Solutions and MSR Hard Parts for your continued support.

Jun 8 2016

We are several races into the 2016 summer season and two races into the Northwest Championship Series and things are looking great. I've won both 65cc races in the NW series and I'm currently leading the points in three separate classes total. Many thanks to all my sponsors including Spy Optics, Leatt, Lucas Oil and Matrix Systems.

May 20 2016

We are three races into the summer race season and things are going really well. I am leading the Northwest Championship Series in the 65cc class. We'll be back at the Rainier Cycle Bowl tomorrow for their second race of the year. This is not a NW Championship points race but I did really well there at their first race finishing 3rd in 65cc, 1st in Mad Dog and 1st in 0-70cc Open classes. Keep it twisted!

Feb 27 2016

Did some off-road riding/cross training at Browns Camp OHV area in Oregon today. Had a great time riding with my older brother and dad. We will keep riding off-road during the gap between flat track races. Just trying to stay sharp until we head down to California for some races. Keep it TWISTED! 

Feb 20 2016

This weekend we'll be back at Salem Speedway for Championship Night! I'm leading the points in 50cc DTX and 50cc Mod. I'm currently 2nd in 65cc DTX, 2nd in 65cc Mod and 2nd or 3rd in Pit Bike points. Hopefully we'll end up with more than two championship titles. The next weekend I'm going to try my first off-road/cross country race at the Castle Rock Grand Prix in Castle Rock, WA. It's going to be a fun couple of weeks! Big thanks to SPY, LEATT and MATRIX SOLUTIONS!!!!!!!

Jan 11 2016

We had a great time at Salem Speedway on January 2nd, 2016. Won the 50cc classes, 2nd in Pit Bike and rode my Cobra CX50 to two 2nd place finishes in the 65cc mains. We got the KX65 back in race shape and I look forward to getting back on my big bike this Saturday, January 16th. Thanks a bunch to ANSR, Spy Optics, Leatt, Matrix Concepts, Wanker's Corner Saloon & Café, Outback Ale and Ohger Performance.

Dec 29 2015

Looking forward to competing in multiple classes at the next round of racing at Salem Speedway (Salem, OR) on Jan. 2nd. I'll be campaigning in 50cc DTX, 50ccMod, Pit Bike, 65cc DTX and 65cc Mod. At least 10 races in all and a bunch of fun! Thank you Answer Racing, Spy Optics, Matrix Solutions, Wankers Corner Saloon, Outback Ale and Ohger Performance.

Nov 18 2015

We'll be visiting family in Arizona for the next week plus. I am hoping to get out to AKA Speedway in Phoenix, AZ to see some flat track racing while we are down there. We want to check out their program and competitors and see if it's worth hauling our stuff down there for a race or two. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 13 2015

Did some cross-training/woods riding at Brown's Camp OHV area on Oct. 9th and Oct. 11th. A great time and a good work out playing in the mud!

Sep 30 2015

We are seriously considering another trip back down to The Lodi Cycle Bowl for their season finale and double header on Oct. 24th & 25th. A TT on Saturday and ST on Sunday is hard to pass up.

Sep 28 2015

That is a wrap on the Northwest outdoor summer flat track season. I finished the Castle Rock season 1st in points in the 50cc Senior, 50cc Open and we think the Mad Dog Class. We jumped into the 65cc DTX and Mod Classes more than half way through the season and had a lot of fun with that. We'll now do a lot of woods riding and hopefully be back down at the Lodi Cycle Bowl in Lodi, CA for a two day double header which is also their final race of the season. After that it's a full winter indoor season at Salem Speedway as well as whatever other flat track indoor races we can find and make it to. Thanks to Answer Racing, Spy Optics, Matrix Solutions and Leatt Protectives for their support.

Sep 16 2015

Considering a run up to Rainer Cycle Bowl for their season finale this coming weekend. It's suppose to be our weekend off but we might have to go. Gearing up for the Washington State Championships at Castle Rock Race Park on September 26th. I have the 50 DTX and 50 open classes championships pretty much wrapped up and a good shot at the Mad Dog (up to 150cc air cooled) championship. Really excited for Castle Rock!

Aug 14 2015

Headed to Castle Rock Race Park tomorrow. Always a fun time with the Mt. St. Helen's Motorcycle Club!

Aug 13 2015

Back at Castle Rock Race Park on August 15th and then down to The Lodi Cycle Bowl on the 22nd!

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