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Personal History

I have been riding since i was 3 years old.  I first learned to ride a Honda 50 and i currently ride a KTM 50.  I'm in 2nd grade at Hazel Grove Elementary, Mount Airy, Ga. I have a younger sister and younger brother.  I love to play outside, hunt, ride bikes, ride four wheelers, and dirtbikes. I am a Wolf in Boy Scouts. I won 1st place in my Boy Scout district Pine Wood Derby Car race. I am a straight A student in school. My mom and dad tell me I was born to ride dirt bikes. I've had no formal training and basically taught myself to ride and how to control my bike.  When I ride my dirt bike I feel very happy and when I complete a race, no matter the position,  I am just happy I was able to finish the race. Every time I get on the starting gate , me and my dad say a little prayer for my safety and the other riders safety.  I love to race dirt bikes and I love to win. My mom and dad have taught me it's not all about winning or getting a certain position in a race. It's about having fun and trying  my best in every race. I race dirt bikes because I love to ride  and be with my racing buddies.  

Riding Goals

 My number 1 goal every time I get on my dirt bike is to have fun!!! Another goal I have is to go as high as possible in racing. I want to race Supercross one day. My favorite rider is Ryan Villapoto. One of my next  and current goals is to qualify for Loretta's in TN.  My smaller goals within each racers to have good throttle control, start strong, and have consistent finishes.

Competitive Highlights

See my "events and results" section above to see what I've accomplished.