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Personal History

 I started riding motorcycle when I was 2. I got a Honda crf50 for Christmas. I rode the Honda with training wheels until a week before my 4th birthday. I started competing in February 2010. We just went to a race for the fun of it and got hooked. I enjoy racing. I don't like to miss a week.  My whole family enjoys motocross.

I am now riding a 65 KTM. I try to ride every chance I get. I hope to get an 85cc this year.

I also like to fish, ride my bike and play basketball. I also like to hunt with my dad. I am hoping to get a buck this season.


Riding Goals


My main goal for 2013 is to compete on the 65cc but practice on the 85cc and get ready to compete Nationally in 2014.

 For the 2011 season I met my goal. I competed at Lorretta Lynn's National Championship in the 50cc 4-6 stock multi-speed class and I made podium all three motos. For the 2012 season, I did not meet my goal to compete at Lorretta Lynn's but I will keep practicing and keep competing.

Competitive Highlights

2010 Eastern Spring Series Champion in 50CC Pee Wee Stock 4-8

2010 Eastern Spring Series Runner-up in 50CC Stock 4-6

Loretta Lynn's Northeast Regional - 8th place in 50CC Shaft Drive 4-6 and 5th place in 50CC multi-speed

Loretta Lynn's Southeast Regional - 14th place in 50CC Shaft Drive 4-6

 2010 VA State Champion in 50CC Stock 4-6

2010 VA State Championship - 3rd in 50CC Pee Wee Stock 4-8

2011 Loretta Lynn's Northeast Regional - 8th place in 50cc 4-6 stock and 2nd place in 50cc 4-6 multi-speed stock. 2011 NC State Championship - 3rd in 50cc 4-6 stock 2011 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National - 3rd in 1st moto, 2nd in 2nd moto and 3rd in 3rd moto with a 4th overall.