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Personal History

I've been a racer for as long as I can remember. When I was just 3 years old my dad got me my first bike and from that moment forward I knew that riding would play a huge role in my life. My family owned a drag racing track when I was growing up and that's there my love for racing really began. I transitioned from drag racing to motocross in my early teens and I carried a lot of that knowledge and skill from that into motocross racing. Motocross has always been my passion and it influences everything that I do in my life.

Riding Goals

Short Term 

  1. Have consistent top 5 finishes
  2. Achieve my fitness goals
  3. Complete a full race series 

Long Term

  1. Move into A class
  2. Race at Loretta Lynn's 
  3. Obtain points to get my professional license 

Competitive Highlights

In 2020 at a local race I crashed in the second turn and fought my way back from dead last (25th) to 6th in a 4 lap race.