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Rider Updates

Aug 3 2015

Between the weather, finances and other obligations, my racing has been limited

Mar 10 2015

Very pleased with how I finished this weekend! 

Mar 5 2015

First race of 2015 this weekend at Bowers MX!!!!!

Feb 12 2015

Ready to Ride!!! Bike is undergoing some fixes.

Jan 20 2015

A few laps around the corners track today before the big storm tomorrow!

Jan 11 2015

Today was a beautiful day to ride! Getting excited for the 2015 season. Thanks to all of my sponsors. Starting to order new gear and accessories! 

Jan 8 2015

Starting to put together my racing schedule. Looking forward to a great 2015! Thanks to all of my sponsors!

Nov 18 2014

Had so much fun riding in the snow!!!

Nov 13 2014

Ready for Saturday! Going to spend the day on the bike before the snow moves in on Sunday! Thanks to all of my sponsors! Looking forward to an awesome 2015 race season!

Nov 5 2014

Race season has really slowed downed but this is a great time for me to do a lot of practicing. Gearing up for the 2015 race season!

Oct 21 2014

AWESOME practice today!!!! Really working on my corners!

Oct 13 2014

What an awesome weekend! Birthday party and then incredible riding with friends!

Oct 4 2014

AWESOME day of riding!!! Racing is limited right now but practice is GREAT!!!

Sep 13 2014

Cooler temps and rain makes for an awesome weekend of riding. Can't wait to go "play" in the mud!!!! 

Sep 2 2014

WAHOO!!! Rode for 4 hours yesterday and went back after school today!!!!!

Aug 24 2014

As summer comes to an end, so does race season. I finished a summer series last night and start school tomorrow. Taking the next few months to train and regroup so to speak. Thanks to all of my sponsors to a successful year!

Aug 10 2014

A solid night of racing. I saw the most improvement on the 65! Still have a lot of work to do!

Aug 2 2014

Great day of practicing! Looking forward to another day of riding tomorrow and then training on Monday!

Jul 31 2014

Awesome day of training!


Jul 27 2014

Wow another rough night of racing :( I seem to be in a rut. Going to train the next two weeks with a new pro class rider and see if I can find my "groove".

Jul 23 2014

Ready for Round 4 TNT Summer Night Series! Last round I was off my game and did not race well, so I am ready to redeem myself. I have been working on the circle track!


Jun 15 2014

Incredible Night! First race on 65 and I finished 5th! Ended the night with two 2nd place finishes on the 50! 

Jun 13 2014

After last weekend races got rained out, i am SUPER EXCITED to race TNT Summer Night Series this Saturday AND I get to race the 65 for the first time!!!

Jun 1 2014

AWESOME day of practice at Bowers MX! I got to practice the 65 too!

May 19 2014

Wonderful finish to the Big Side of Texas Championship Series. 2nd in both the 50cc open and 7-8! Super excited for my brother who finished 5th in the 50cc 4-6!

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