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Personal History

I was raised Christian on my great aunts' horse farm in the rural suburbs of Louisville, KY. I started riding when I was 9. At 15 I raced a 1975 Honda CR 125. Graduated high school in 1980, sold the Elsinore and bought a 1978 Honda XL 350 Dual Sport to ride at college. In 1983 I bought a Honda CB 1100 F and got into street riding.

In 2008 I bought a farm in New Castle, KY. In 2008 started riding motocross again with friends on a track I built. In 2013 I started going to pro tracks to ride against better riders.Motocross has been in my heart since I was a child. I ride hard and fast, study, and practice daily. I am devoting myself 110 % to racing the 2014 season, being a great representative of motocross, my sponsors. and myself both off and on the track. I have an outgoing, adventurous, and fearless personality. I am very competitive with a strong desire to win.

Riding Goals

I feel the most alive when riding and  pushing it to the limit. My goal this year  is to compete in 125 motocross to perfect my skills and get in top physical shape. I will also race enduros  and hare scrambles to work on technique , some in the open class.My ultimate goal is to improve while winning races.

My goal for next year is to move up to the 250 B  class and ride more open class races.

Competitive Highlights

 You'll just have to wait until March 16, 2014 for race results and video,