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Personal History

My name is Bronx Royer and my birthday is January 4, 2013. I first started off riding around our house on a PW50 and then moved up to a Honda 50.  I fell in love with riding. We have a motocross track in our backyard that the previous owners had, so I get a lot of practice on it. I raced some in 2020, but really got going in 2021. I really hit a growth spurt in 2021 and really outgrew my Honda 50. I could still ride it well, but I was almost too big for it towards the end of the season. I was winning my class so I just wanted to continue and not move up just yet. I have had a Kawasaki KX65 that I ride at home a lot now. Actually, my dad only lets me ride that at home now. I really like it. It was hard learning to use a clutch at first, but I have it down pretty good now. Once I wrapped up the championship on my Honda 50, I raced my KX65 in the final race of the Crossroads series. It was a mudder and I did pretty good for my first race, getting 3rd out of 7. I was proud of that finish and will build on that race next year. 

Riding Goals

My 2022 goals are to win the Intermediate Trailrider class on my KX 65. I will be one of the youngest racers in the race, so this year might have some bumps in the road, but I want to learn. After this year, I want to race in just the 65cc class and started winning some overalls in the Intermediate race. From there, I just want to keep building and keep winning as I move up the youth classes. 

Competitive Highlights

Won the series championship for 50cc PW shifter class in 2021 and 14th overall for the PW series.  I was the fastest 4 stroke bike in my races and I would beat many of the 2 stroke bikes that were much faster than my motorcycle. 

Finished 8th out of 21 at the GNCC Ironman race.  I love this race so much and can't wait until I can win this race!