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Personal History

I have been on a dirtbike since I started out with training wheels on my pw at 4 years old and ever since I have just loved to ride. Last summer at 6 1/2 I started racing Thursday night MX at PIR in Portland. I raced the entire series and then went straight into the Triple Crown Series (Washougal, Woodland and Albany), Vintage Series (Woodland) and Winter Series (Woodland) which I am still riding. I will finish both of those series out while starting and working my way through the Pac West Series. The progress and excitement that I have felt over the last 8 month is unreal. I am so proud of myself and trying my hardest to make progress everyday. Mom says if the homework is done, I can ride! So that’s just what I do at least 3-4 days each week after school. 

Riding Goals

My dream is to ride Supercross and make it to the top and I’m going to do it! My goal is to continue to progress and be the best rider that I can be more and more each day. I have grown to truly love the sport, the passion, drive and motivation that I have to continually learn and become better is top notch. 

Competitive Highlights

Making it to the podium at 2nd place last weekend was by far the most exciting race day for me! I also took fourth overall for my triple crown series! I have held my spot in the top 5 for my 50’s classes and as of last weekend I just started racing my new 65, I couldn’t be more excited!