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Personal History

My first bike was kx 50 and rode that for a year, then I got a old Honda xr 80. Then I got a YZ 85 2 stoke and rode that for a year and raced it and the I got my KX 250 f.  I really just like to ride and race. I  have had a bike since iwas like 6. I can't even stand not to ride for 2-3 days at the max. I pretty much ride every day. I really enjoy getting out there and having fun with my friends and my dad.

Riding Goals

My riding goals this year is to win the montana xc championship and hopefully go and try out some motocross around Montana and Wyoming. I hopefully when i am older want to do the NAHA national hillclimbs. 

Competitive Highlights

Highlights  in my racing have been when i have started in dead last and then passed 25 or so riders to get in 3rd, but then i over shot a coner on a side hill and flew 30 feet down the cliff. I still manged to pull 5th. That was coyote run which was round 5 in Montana xc. 

Another highlight was when i was racing an yz 85cc in supermini class and was racing against all these sponsered  KTM riders with tricked out bikes. I was racing a bone stock yz,  got to a good start but 10 miles into a race there were about 6 rider crash when all of us had it 6th gear wide open down a strait away and had a pile up. My bars were trashed and my throttle was stuck most of the race but still managed 2 place.