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Rider Updates

Nov 15 2015

I have been out of the racing scene for a bit. I have had to concentrate on my career with the US Coast Guard. Things got a bit rocky for me so my life was work work work. But I am about to get back on the bike and start racing again. I have been spending a lot of time in the gym getting in the best shape I have been in in a long time and I feel great. I am planning on redeeming myself at the BIG 6 in Glen Helen since the last one didn't go very well for me. So here is to that!

Mar 5 2015

So I decided last minute to race the BIG6 GP at Glen Helen last Saturday (28th). I took the holeshot and was leading by a lot. I guess I got caught up and was going too fast into a turn and wasn't able to make it. I ended up going through the turn down a 5ft ditch and hit a tree. I didn't break anything, just busted up pretty good. My bike is fine, just a front fender and bar clamps. I am mad at myself for letting my head get the best of me. 

But on a good note, I recently purchased a 2007 Kawasaki KLX110. I am excited to finally have a little bike.

Feb 5 2015

Been a while since I have updated on here. Since my last update, I have turned 30 years young and have been driving down to Ocotillo Wells for some well needed desert therapy. I have been mainly riding my Uncles 13' CRF450R while there. I love that bike!! I haven't raced in a while but I am planning on trying to qualify for Mammoth in March and possibly the BIG 6 GP February 28th at Glen Helen. 

I have been riding locally here in northern California as well as all sorts of other activities. I have been back in the gym hitting it hard, and thanks to Ashley Horner's Pipehitter program I have been getting stronger and in better shape. Can't wait to compete and hopefully qualify for Mammoth.

Thank you to my sponsors for their continued support!!

Nov 13 2014

Finally home from an amazing vacation. Was out in Ocotillo Wells off-roading and riding all Halloween weekend. It was such a great time with family and friends. I hate that I live so far away. After that weekend I raced the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix the following weekend. I raced the women's Int/Exp class against some really fast girls. I came in 5th in my first racing competing on a 450F. I had a great time and rode pretty well for only riding a 450F for a few months. I LOVE IT! Since I wasn't done or tired from that race, I decided to race the 450 Beginner Class against the boys. I did pretty good. I pretty much started last because the bike didn't start first kick on the dead engine start. I was able to finish 22nd out of 44. I had a blast! 

Thank you to all my sponsors for their continued support. And especially to my Uncle who helped my through this last weekend and for allowing me to ride his extra bike.

Cannot wait till next year!!!

Oct 16 2014

Well the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix is just a few weeks away. I have been training on a 450F and in the gym. I am looking forward to the big bike challenge. I raced a local series last sunday and took 2nd. I just wanted to see how I would do on the bigger bike in a race setting. I did pretty good. Cannot wait to start my vacation and head out to Ocotillo for halloween and continue my training on the big bike in SoCal.

Aug 12 2014

Went mountain bike riding today with some friends. It was a great time and I was getting it! But our day was cut short because one of the guys went over the bars and taco'd his front rim. He busted itself a bit but but he is ok. Just a bummer we got cut short. 

But I am headed to SoCal on friday and riding Ocotillo Sunday morning. Cannot wait to be in my happy place!

Jul 30 2014

Rode Glen Helen a few thursdays ago with a friend Morgan Tanke, she helped with some cornering pointers. Since Weimer, Webb, Baggett, Bisceglia, and w few other were practicing we ended up playing on the endurocross track while those guys did their thing. 

Last week went out to Riverfront MX in Yuba City, CA with a friend. I was feeling confident and strong in my corners thanks to Mighty Mo, but only a few laps into my first moto, my friend tucked her bars and went over hard. So that cut our night sesh short. She is ok, bruised her face real good and got a good concussion. 

May 1 2014

Last weekend in SoCal was amazing as usual! I got to spend time with both of my brothers and had a small Rasmussen Family Reunion with all the Uncles and Cousins. Sunday was another awesome day out at Glen Helen. I took the hole shot up and around the Daytona turn and then Holly Breck just took off. I didn't go down all race until one of the sweepers didn't move out of the way and when I tried to pass him he took my line and I went down. I was NOT happy about that, sweepers are there to help not to get in your way. But I love racing the GP style races, I am bored of the track racing already and I need to find some sort of GP racing here in Northern California. 

Thank you to all my sponsors for their continued support and help. 

Apr 13 2014

Today finished the REP Spring Series races. I was a race ahead and 1st in points for Women's Novice so I just had fun today and worked on a few things. I am very lucky to have met Zariah Pitts, she is a fantastic young lady and a even better racer. 

Next up is SRA GP at Glen Helen on the 27th. Thank you to Ryno Power, FMF, Gaerne Boots, One Industries, Smith Opitcs, Leatt, and all other companies who help support my passion for this sport.

Apr 6 2014

Almost didn't race today because I had a really bad migraine all day. But ended up going out anyways. First Moto had a fantastic start but my head was not 100% in it, so I ended up 3/3. In between Moto's I went and rode the hill at Prairie City SVRA because free riding is what I love most. It helped clear my head and I was way more comfortable on my bike. Second Moto, Had another fantastic start and was able to hold onto 2nd place. Got 2nd over all in women's novice class (moves me to 1st in points). 

Thank you to all my sponsors for their continued support, wouldn't be able to do this without you!

Mar 24 2014

Great day of racing yesterday! My starts were on point and couldn't thank Ryno Power for their instructional DVD. Should have gone 1-1 but over rode a bit and made mistakes in each moto to give it up, so I went 2-2 and 2nd overall for the day. I need to work on somethings to be faster but all in all it was a successful day of racing. Can't wait fir the next race April 6th out at Hangtown/Prairie City.


Thank you to all my sponsors for the continued support, it truly means a lot.

Feb 25 2014

Just got home from a great Southern Cali trip. Drove down to race Glen Helen's SRA GP with my cousin. I initially had the jump on the line and my cousin didn't like that so she decided to take my line. Oh well karma came back and got her when she stalled in a turn and everyone went by. I laughed! Had solid 5th but missed a turn and ended up 6th. Myself and another 250 rider battled it out for two laps, it was some good racing between us both. I just wish my work schedule didn't interfere with racing ;)

Feb 8 2014

Its time to start racing!

I drove down to Glen Helen last month on a whim and ended up racing the SRA GP. I was in all borrowed gear and racing someone else's YZ125 (didn't like that) and I was taken out on one of the down hills so I was unable to finish race. BUT I am heading down for the SRA GP race on the 23rd and I cannot wait!! Racing with my family is what I love most about this sport!! 

Went out and played at Prairie City last weekend, it was good but I was way into my head and didn't start riding like I know I can till later in the day. Its frustrating how mental this sport is. Found a spot behind my house where I can go for a bit to work on the little things like starts and cornering. Just wish this rain would stop so I can. Just want to RIDE!


Thank you to all my sponsors for your continued support!

Jan 10 2014

It's the new year and new race season. I have been working on getting myself and the bike ready for the up coming events. I am looking forward to getting back and competing. And looking at competing the Mammoth Qualifier at Priarie City MX. Can't wait to get out and promote all my sponsors and hopefully make them proud. 

Dec 3 2013

Rode Folsom Lake MTB trails today. It was my first actual MTB ride and first time out at Folsom Lake. It was AMAZING!!! I loved every second of it, even the crazy hill climbs. They were not my fastest sections but I still pedaled on and didn't give up. Just gotta keep at it!! Probably going to buy a new bike so that I have the right equipment. ;)

Nov 19 2013

Rode Ocotillo Wells last Sunday and it was epic! I was doing stuff I'd never thought I would do. Jumping off cliffs into washes, riding up the cliffs, jumping over crevasses to get to a different side. We got zoo lost and almost ran out of gas but it was soo worth it! My Uncle, Cousin and I had a great time!!

I also ride Pala MX last thursday and it was awesome. Track was fun and fast. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed pushing myself hard.

Nov 11 2013

Yesterday was amazing! Since I took first last year in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, I stepped up a class to Women's Novice. Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. But one that green flag dropped it was on like Donkey Kong. I took the hole shot and was able to maintain the lead. I finished in 1st place and 6.27 minutes ahead of 2nd place. And out of 20+ women I finished 4th right behind the expert class. The track was chewed and gnarl but it was fast and fun! I loved every second of it. 

Thank you to all my family that came out to watch and support me yesterday, meant a lot. And a HUGE thank you to all my support teams. Ryno Power Supplements for the amazing product that keeps me focused and energized through it all!! Thank you Smith Optics, Matrix Concepts, 1.7 Solutions, Gaerne Boots, Indo Board, Mantis United, Virus International, FMF Exhaust, Split Designs, Decal Works, ASV Levers, Acerbis, and Leatt Brace for all your team support and allowing me to promote your brand and be part of your awesome team.


Nov 3 2013

Finished my first race series last weekend. It was great to race some legendary tracks like Prairie City. I have never competed in track racing nor have I ever rode Hangtown/Prairie City or E-Street MX prior to these events. The tracks are very nice and they are close comparison to Milestone MX, Pala, and Cahullia Creek. I finished 2nd in the NorCal Summer Series and 2nd in the Gold Cup Amateur Series. 

Racing tracks I found where my weakness's are and know what I need to work on. I will be putting in a lot of effort into bettering myself as a rider and possibly looking into a trainer to help with the fine tuning. 

I have one more race this year, the Historic Lake Elsinore Grand Prix next weekend(9-10). I cannot wait to race and I have moved up a class since I took first place in last years GP. I loot forward to this event every year and I am looking forward in representing my sponsors and hope to make them happy.