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Personal History

Brit williams, 25 years old. Races for two years when I was younger. Had to pay my way so I couldn't afford it long. Then had my bike and gear stolen out of the garage. So that was the end of my riding for 7 years. Finally in a position where I can make ends meet enough to have decent equipment. We currently own 3 Napa Auto Parts stores. And hope to continue to grow and be successfull. That being said I talk to A LOT of people and have learned that many of the guys at our customers shops ride. I'm always up for trying to help promote. 

Riding Goals

Currently racing 250 C, Open C and going to be riding 25+ From here on out. Looking to finish top 10 consistently and just steadily move up. I ride normally twice a week. Shooting for 2019 to be a solid B rider. I run all the races I can make it to. Unfortunately I do not have a camper so I rough it. I make every race I can. Also I run any local events whether it's a motocross, Tri-cross, or harescramble. Just love throwing my leg over the bike and competing. 

Competitive Highlights

First race back was awful. Finished 18. Since I've pulled a 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th overall.