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Personal History

I am the Director of Business Development for a Mid Size company here in San Jose California. I have been in sales and marketing for around 10 years and love to be out in front of an audience. I am a fierce competitor and always try to be the best in anything I do.

I got my first taste of motorcycles in 76 on the back of my cousin Pats Harley. That first ride around the block fired me up and my interest has never stopped.

My first bike was a ratty 78 Honda CB125. That poor little bike was rusted, rattling and free. The paint, that had once been a bright Ruby Red, was now faded and chalky. The previous owner had changed the sprockets and mounted knobbies up to make it into a little rally bike. To me it was priceless.

Having decided that I like to push my limits as far as possible on the street, I decided it was probably safer to get myself on the track. I started racing Street bikes in 1991 joining AFM and and racing in both the Stock and Super Sport classes on a FZR600 and loving every minute of it.

I've been riding, building and racing for almost 25 years now. I’ve done some drag racing, a little flat tracking and road racing. Now, it’s the dirt. Enduros and Hare Scrambles in Northern California, with a few desert races for fun.

I've been an Expert class mountain biker racer, Cylocross racer and C class Road cyclist. After 10 years of racing on an amateur level, I decided to retire from my team and get back on a bike with an engine.


Riding Goals

2012 looks to be a fun year. I've managed to pick up some great sponsors and great support. With the D36 MSR Enduro series beginning in June and the new Western Checkpoint series starting right off the bat in January, its looking to be a busy year.

This year I would also like to try to finish the BITD Vegas to Reno race in the Iron Man class. I've loved racing with the three man team, but I think its time to push it to the next level for myself.

Competitive Highlights



Once again the highlight of the year was the Vegas to Reno race. 2011 was actually uneventful as far as crashes, mechanical failures or exhaustion. Finishing the race in just over 16 hours our team podiumed for a third place finish in the Open Am class!


The best this year has the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno. 535 miles of desert racing during the hottest part of the year.

I was part of a three man team on an oversized XR650. We planned the race for six months lining up sponsors, prepping the bike and figuring out logistics. Of course, in spite of all our best efforts, we had problem after problem.

On our first pre run, just on the way up to stage, the trailer decided to go off on its own journey. Luckily, on safety chain held and we didn’t lose the trailer under an 18 wheeler.

We get to our staging area and two of us head out utilizing GPS tracks from prior races. Unfortunately, 20 miles into the ride, the GPS track turned out to be wrong! What should have been a 2 hour ride, ended up taking 6 hours of trail bashing to get back on track? To top that off, since we ended up riding into the evening, the enduro light on the main bike, decided not to work and cooked the entire lighting circuit.

And that was only day 1 of the pre ride and doesn't include the account of losing the clutch and getting a flat on the trailer trying to get home.

On the way to the actual race, we lose a tie down on the bike and the poor thing drop onto the freeway at 65mph. The only thing holding it to the trailer is a U-Lock through the front wheel. Get the bike back onto the trailer and make it into Vegas. Then there is a dead battery in the truck when we need to get to tech inspection the next morning.

Day of the race, everything goes fine... until the second leg when there is a kinked vent line and the carb vacuum locks. Then on the third leg, the rear axle backs out and is only hanging on by threads. The wheel locks up at 45mph and trashes the rear brake, melts the disc guard and wraps up the chain. Get that back all together with the help of a handy boulder to prop up the bike and another handy rock to bash the axle back in. into the pits for the fourth leg and a wheel swap only to have the tire flat 4 mile out and the leg rider not having an axle wrench!!!

Four hours later and almost at the cut off time, our ride makes it on a destroyed rear rim. We make another wheel swap and finish up the race after 21.51 hours! Still third in class.