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Personal History

IM Bret Whalen IM 17. I work 30 hours a week. Im a junior at CHS and maintain a 3.0 average. I bought my bike and maitain it my self. My Parents Both work 2 jobs so I have to do every thing my self. I Train every day. I have a personal trainer who is the absolute man. I work out every day and follow a specific diet. IM 5,7" 141 and have a 5.1% BMI. I race for NESC in the 125 youth B class. I love my Bicycle and love to swimm!

Riding Goals

This year I wanna winn the championship. Im focuseing on being consistant and doing good in school. I have so much determination its insane. my mom says it almost sickning and out of controll. I do everything for motocross.

Competitive Highlights

In every sport I ever played I was told that I was to agressive not a dirty player but to agressive. I Have ADHD which deffinitly kicks in during raceing. My greatest moment in raceing was winning the 85cc A championship in the Arienacross.