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Personal History

I have been riding dirt for 15 out of my 19 years. I started on quads and Three Wheelers. I was introduced to dirt bikes around age 11. I had a quad up until I was 14 where I then switched over to street bikes. At the age of 16 i bought my first dirt bike. It was a 2007 YZ450, I never raced it. I rode trails, dunes, and smaller tracks. I Ended up selling it after owning it for a year. I was with out a dirt bike until march 2016, I bought a 2015 WR450F. I will be putting in as much practice time as possible to make my first racing season one to remember. 

Riding Goals

My Riding Goals for 2017 are to become a better ride, learn as much as possible, and win. I will be putting in a ton of practice time along with my other teammates. I see a  bright future ahead of my racing career with the people I have guiding me and pushing me to become better. I will take everything I learn this  year  and put it into next years season. No one likes to lose, especially me. Having a sponsor would make me push myself even harder, I wouldn't be riding for just myself at that point, I would be riding for my sponsors also.

Competitive Highlights

The only achievements i have had are friendly races against friends on the track trying to one up them!