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Personal History

Im pretty athletic and love to ride and race dirtbikes! I've been riding for about 5 1/2 years and this is my first year racing. I'm pretty good at riding and don't make dumb decisions that could put myself or someone else in danger. I ride a 2002 Honda CRF 450r that has some aftermarket parts but not alot.




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Riding Goals

My goals for the coming year are to just try to do the best i can do each and every race. I've already raced the first race of the season and was leading my class until a mechanical issue struck my Honda. So, overall i just want to have a safe, no issue race season! :)

Competitive Highlights

I haven't had alot of competitive highlights yet, since this is just my first year racing because when your riding your not really being competitive, atleast im not. Other than doing awesome my first race, thats all i've had!