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Personal History

I got my first dirt bike for Christmas in 2017, I was 3 years old, it was a Honda crf 50. I drove the training wheels off of it I even through myself off when the training wheel hit the internet pole. I wanted to go the track and ride for my 4th birthday my mom and dad took me to a little town in green acres for me to ride. It was then, I fell in love I met so many new people and rode till I feel asleep in the truck. I started racing my Honda until we went and raced at Golden Pines in Mississippi, it was so sandy I could not keep the heavy bike up. A friend at the track let me barrow their practice pw and I came in 4th out of 12. My mom and dad later bought that pw. I love to ride my dirt bike. I am very passionate with my races and very grateful to be able to ride. My first racing series I came in 2nd over all and my second series I came in first over all. I am a very behaved kid and do awesome in school. I have a lot of friends and very respectful to my elders. 

Riding Goals

I want to qualify and race Loretta and the mini O's.

Competitive Highlights

Came in second in MX Series

Won the Young GUn Series

Won the Battle of the States Race