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Personal History

My name is Brandy, I am a 23 year old mother, full time Secrutiy supervisor, and a full time college student. I am currently working on my Associates in Nursing, in my spare time I love working on four wheelers. I spend my time triaining myself to be a better rider and racer. I am only an amature right now but I am going to push myself to be more. I have very high expectations for myself and I set my goals high. I love riding trails and playing in the mud on our four wheelers. We have been to so many different places and I have loved them all. I just started competing last year and was completly amazed on how well I did. I have done 2 races (compatition wise) and placed 2nd in my first race, and 1st place in my second race. The feeling of winning that first place trophy and the crowd cheering me on was the greatest feeling ever. Now I am determined to make something of it.

Riding Goals

This year I plan to again do the county fair flat track races as well as some independent races at the track near my home. I want to better myself and my four wheeler and take that First Place trophy home again. I plan to form my four wheeler into a racing machine.

My four wheeler is a stock 1993 Yamaha Blaster, I want so badly to add more to it and make it better, but I dont want to trade up. This four wheeler has been nothing but amazing since the day I got it. I do believe me and my 200cc four wheeler will go far. It needs a few adjustments and add ons but I am working my way up to that.

Competitive Highlights

I would have to say my competitive highlights are my 2 races.

Johnson County KS Flat Track race in Gardner KS, August 2010, I placed 2nd against 6 other competitors. This was my first race ever!

Douglas County KS Flat Track race in Lawrence KS, August 2010. I placed 1st against 3 other competitors. I was a little nervous because the girl I was competing with, we were talking before the race and she had told me about her whole history. She raced for 15 years against men and women. She had taking home over 2 dozen 1st place trophies, so again I was a little nervous about that. When I placed first against her I knew then I wanted to race! She was a very hard beat but I pushed myself to do it. Also durning the heat laps (practice) there was another female out there (a little less experienced) she started off the line but riding a wheelie (on accident) and when she brought the front of her quad down she landed it right on top of my head and shoulder. Even being hurt I still won my first place!!