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Personal History

well my name is brandon roland, i am 15 years old. I race motocross in Missiouri and oaklahoma. I love to ride! if i could ride everyday i would. My goals are to be come a pro rider and i train whenever i can to get faster. I have my own personal track that is a mile and a half long. i am currently 4th in state in 125C, my plan is to go intermediate next year and see how i compare to see how hard i need to train. I am looking for any company that could help me out with racing or any type of clothes, gear, etc. I would like to think my current sponsors MGX Unlimited for there awsome graphics and Race Tech Suspension for there awsome suspension on my bike.

Riding Goals

My goals are to become one of the top intermediate riders in state and i would like to be a top 10 intermediate racer nationally.

Competitive Highlights

Well i went to Ponca City Grand National last year and made it to the main for 85 14-15 and i overall finished 20th and i have become alot faster and now im racing a 250 im 4th in state for 125C and i am moving up next year to B