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Personal History

I rode as a child and into adulthood but quit once I had a child.  For his 5th birthday, my son got a TTR50 and now I’m feeling the desire to ride again.  I now own a 2019 XC-250F and I am ready to go.  My son has moved on to a KTM 50 and is getting better every race.

Riding Goals

I want to ride with my son and hep his grow his skills and confidence.  I may get into a race here and there but only to support my son as he is a little too timid to race at this point.

Competitive Highlights

Never really a racer, rode in the mountains of Colorado and the fields of Ohio since I was about 10.  The only racing I did was between siblings but I may start some Enduros with a buddy.  My son is racing a motocross series and he is making some great memories.