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Personal History

I grew up around riding riding atv's, dirtbike's etc. Then my dad brought home an old suzuki 50 and I never wanted to stop riding the bike. Then after a while the bike quit running so we ended up getting rid of it, sadly. So back with the atv's I went then, then i started finding out about motocross because of friends that race motocross. After a while i had to get a bike of my own, so I began to save up money and look for a good bike to start with. My first bike was a 1996 Yamaha WR250 two stroke in mint condition. I had this bike for roughly eight months and progressed very quickly, then came the next bike. I had bought a 2006 Honda CRF-450F. This bike wasnt so great after all, it needed valves, piston, forks to be rebuilt and much more. After riding that bike for a while and having some good acheivments on and great advancments too, it was time for the best bike i could find for the price. I traded my old Honda for my current bike, a 2005 Suzuki RM-Z 450. I love this bike, it has tones of power, super fast, great handling, but i do hate the four speed transmission configuration, i prefer five speed. My Suzuki has gold anodized rims, stainless steel spokes, race tech suspention set up exactly for my weight, aftermarket valves, after market piston, and much more. I love this bike! So 9/11/2011 comes around and a local track has a race day for the support of the families and other causes, so i signed up for Schoolboy, and 450 B. I wasnt doing to bad in schoolboy ran about 3rd place. So 450 B comes around, I was pumped up i had all of my buddies in this class with me. The third lap comes around and my buddy and i were battling and having a great race. A couple turns later he  pulls ahead but slides out in a corner. So i ride by hime making sure he hears me laughing. So im doin good still running about 3rd or 4th, i start to come around the finish line jump for the third lap. As I approach the finish line I set up to do a scrub and I commit to the scrub but little do i no kharma is about to strike back, my back tire hits a acceleration bump on the face and cause me to scub the bike to far. As I'm in the air im trying to bring the bike back around and do for the most part, but when I land, my left foot decides to slip a peg and smack the dirt hard. Having not crashed out and knowing my foots got somthing up with it I pull to the side of the track and lay on the ground. Track officials and medics come over to help and my screaming mom, haha. So after for sure noticing my foot has serious issues we rush to what seemed like the longest drive ever to the hospital. i get checked in to my room and x-rays come back. My doctor tells my family and I that i have broken three toes, two meditarsals, shatered my nivicular, broke my heel off of my ankle, and fractured my fibula in my left foot/leg. So almost five days and nine screws later we head home and wait for this to be over with. I got released on January 11, 2012 and I was ready to ride that day. So i head to a buddies track and ride like I hadn't ever broke my foot. So we cleared out a section of natual whoops/rollers and by the end of the day I was riding pretty good. I tried to see how fast we could go through these whoops, so i click into third gear and pin it at revlimiter after a few times of doing so the bike blows a valve guide out and causes the piston to chip. Moving forward, I continued to ride on and off the bike as I grew up. Over the years my attention moved on to cars, trucks and of course girls. I had grown out of riding and began to focus on going to work to afford what has always seemed to be expensive hobbies. I advanced very quickly in the automotive industry ranging from typical brake services to rebuilding engines. Then a huge opportunity presented itself to me to start building drag cars. This job had everything I wanted, steady work flow, chances to work on “dream cars” and classic cars. I had gained a lot of knowledge in the performance industry and old timer tricks. I continued working this job for about three years and couldn’t of been happier. The only problem I had was I had yet another dream I had to accomplish for the sake of my country and the pride of making my grandfather proud. My grandfather was in the United States Navy during WWII, he was serving on a light cruiser , the U.S.S. Birmingham. He had been in many coastal battles and their ship had been stricken by the enemy many times and even was rewarded the Purple Heart medal. I didn’t get to know him very well as he had passed while I was only in the first grade. My whole life I had always looked up to him and still do to this day. Being I had so much pride in my families history and always chasing the next best thing I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force. I have never felt such great accomplishment in my life and made my family so proud to have them call me theirs. Since joining I have had some amazing opportunities and met so many great people. I have gotten back on the bike since then and enjoyed riding so very much. But to conclude my story, I would love to gain your sponsor to help aid myself in getting better gear for myself and my bike to ride safer and perform better. Also my wife has taken some interest in learning to ride and I am more than happy to get her into riding as it teaches you so much in so many ways. If you’ve gathered anything from this I hope it’s just these few simple things. For starter I love getting out and seeing the world, I am not scared to chase my dreams and take sometimes a leap of faith. I will do my best to spread the good word of your products by explaining the impact they have of riding, and what they can do do for you. I will always perform my best from trail riding in the mountains of Utah, to riding the sandy tracks of Georgia and Florida. Allow me to earn your brand on the back of my jersey and display your products on and off the track. Thats a bit of my riding story hope you enjoyed, ride hard, Brandon!

Riding Goals

Be the best that I can be, always go home smiling. A rainy day at the track is always a better day than on the couch at home.