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Rider Updates

Nov 1 2018

Got the win this weekend! I've been on a good roll lately and plan on continuing it! 

Apr 9 2018

first day back on the bike yesterday and it was a race. I still have the cast on and i'm kinda outta shape but it didn't stop me. I almost grabbed the holeshot and got out to an early lead. I placed 14th of 42 in my class and im okay with that .When the cast comes off i'll be better than ever.

Feb 23 2018

a few days ago i was riding and had a gnarly get off. I broke my ulna, radius and needed my arm reset. 8-10 weeks, i hope to be back in 6. 

Feb 10 2018

Got a short ride in the rain today. The land I ride on is officially private property now. The owner told me to leave or he would call the cops. I have nowhere to ride now, but hopefully, my offroad Suzuki Amateur team can find me a place to train.

Jan 10 2018

First race on the 250 went great. I led the first 30 minutes or so until a lapper backed is bike into mine on a hill climb. Managed to rebound and finish 3rd of 29.

Dec 31 2017

I signed with Braaap Savage for the 2018 season!

Oct 30 2017

yesterday i raced in a down-pour. It rained from 6 that morning until way after i was finished. I almost grabbed the holeshot, i hit a sand kicker and came through turn 2 in 3rd. I was made a little mistake at the end of lap 1 and fell back to 4th. On the second lap i nearly lost the front end in the slick mud, and i fell back to 6th. I held sixth for the rest of the race and finished 6th of 24.

Oct 17 2017

last race, i grabbed the holeshot and led the first 2 laps. my bike blew up on the third lap with a 45 second lead. 

Aug 1 2017

Last race ; I was running 4th and with 2 miles left a lapper lost control of his bike on a hill climb and forced me off the bike. By the time I went down the hill and came back up it was too late. I was running 9th overall on the day too.

May 28 2017

I'm 4 races into the regional series ECEA. I'm 14 racing in adult classes and im finishing well. of the 4 races, 2 of them i was unable to finish, 1 because of getting run over, and another because of bike issues. When I do finish im very consistent and like to make a top 10 push early. 

Oct 30 2016

got my first top 5. 4th place. Rode 100 % the entire time. Wish I would have worked that hard though the whole season. ECEA here I come!