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Personal History

Hi there, I’m Bradyn! I am a 10 year old boy who has been riding about a year. I just started racing two months ago, and I love it! My mom helps me all by herself to practice as much as possible and get me to all my races. I know how hard she works so I help her as much as I can and in anyway to make anything easier for her.  I like to ride at home during the week on our property after school to get practice in between track time. Every time I crash and something breaks I am slowly learning to fix my bike and do all the maintenance.  I would be on my bike all day everyday if I could, because the more I practice the better I get. 

Riding Goals

My first goal is to take home a first place sometime this year.  Another goal is to try and be picked up on a team so I can get training from a trainer, gain friends to ride with and grow with and get a few sponsors. I hope to race in as many races as possible the rest of this year. I love when she gets videos of me so I can watch them and see things that I need to work on. I am also hoping my mom will be able to get an 85cc soon so I can start practicing on it to be prepared for when I move into that class. 

Competitive Highlights

My first race every this past February I took 8th and 16th overall for the two classes I raced, the Starter and the Open. It wasn’t the best but it felt good for my first exposure to the scene. I am very competitive but also love to fist bump every racer next to me at the gate for sportsmanship. My friend and I have a saying to each other “even if the tires fall off keep on going” that we tell each other before races for encouragement.